Chapter 17

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After Hunter had asked me to be his girlfriend, I wheeled myself backstage and watched from the sidelines, waiting until the boys came off for a meet and greet.

I was missing my older brother and wanted to stay with him, so when he came off I was attached to his side.

After a while, I think Nash began to get annoyed as he told me off, "God, why the fuck are you being so annoying Kylie! I need space, you are not a fucking three year old who need to constantly be by someone's side! Go find something else to do or someone else to annoy!"

Tearing up, I ignored those who called me, "I need some air." I had told them. They seemed to hesitate but done as I asked and stayed back.

I wheeled out the back door, stopping in the alley and leaning my head back allowing the sobs to freely fall.

I didn't hear the footsteps that began to make their way towards me until it was too late and the taunting began.

"Looky what we have here girls, little Kylie Grier. You know, you got some of our friends thrown in Juvie and we are not happy. I believe you have to pay for that somehow." I froze and looked to the voice, spotting Hayley and her minions, Rebeca and Jayda

The girls all smirked at one another before sprinting into action. Jayda, being the muscles of the group, grabbed me from my wheelchair and threw me to the ground.

I let out a gasp of pain, the knock winding me. Jayda chuckled evilly and gripped my hair pulling my head back with it.

This caused a ton of pain to erupt from my skull, almost like a million tiny needles piercing my skin.

Tears rolled down my cheeks and I let out a shriek of pain, only for her to cover my mouth with her free hand. "What do you wanna do to her Hay?" Jayda maliciously questioned her leader.

Haley tapped a manicured finger to her chin, fake thinking, proceeding to let out a gasp of surprise when she decided. "Oh I know! Imma kick some sense into her, Becs, you may join in, Jayda seems to like the position she's in."

I began to scream and wiggle trying to get free, but Jayda slapped me... hard and I complied staying still, "You don't stop movie and I'm ripping the hair lodged to your skull." My eyes watered and I stayed limp, taking the kicks from both other girls.

When Jayda finally drops me and claims she wants a turn, I quickly begin to crawl for my phone that fell a few feet away.

My head was throbbing from the blow from the ground earlier and I knew I had worsened my concussion. I reached for my phone and that's when one of the girls heels duh into my hand, a screech of pure pain leaving my lips. "Where the fuck do you think you're going?! I ain't done with you yet!" Jayda snarled.

The back door slammed open, "Oh I think you are more than fucking done!" Jack G appeared out of nowhere and looked angry as hell. The girls gasped at the sight and quickly ran off. But that don't matter, I know their names and both Jack and I know what they look like.

Jack rushes and drops next to me, laying my head on his lap, "Don't move Ky, I'm going to call for help and then get the boys, just stay awake for me."

He pulled his shirt off and pushed it against the top of my head where I felt the blood begin to trickle down my head and neck.

I hissed at the contact and Jack hushes me softly, he grabs my phone from the side and quickly rings an ambulance.

"Hi?! Yes, I uh, I need an ambulance and cops to Jason's Venue, my friends little sister has just been beat up by some girls and her injuries she sustained from bullied has significantly increased." Jack frantically spoke to the operator on the other end, although I did blur some stuff out as my vision began to fade in and out.

A tap to my cheek caught my attention and I looked up into Jack's worried ones, "I need you to keep your eyes open and on me Ky. Keep your eyes on me." I listened and put all my attention on him.

He nods, "Good job Ky, good job". He then dials another number, cursing when he got no answer and decided to try another, this time they picked up, "Aaron! Yes, I knew you'd answer. Look, I found Ky, but she was being beat by some girls, I have no idea if it was angry fans or bullies..." I cut him off, "Bullies G, from school."

Jack nods and thanks me, " They're bullied from her school... Yeah, she's conscious but barely... Get they boys out here... Bart will understand that the event needed to be put on pause, Ky comes first... Thanks Aaron." He hung up the phone and checked my head.

He looked worried and that scared me, "I'm scared Jacky." I whimpered out. He looked down at me sympathetically, rubbing a thumb across my cheek, "I know, I know. Help is on the way Ky."


The door once again slammed open, and my twin and older brother immediately raced to me, dropping by my other side. Hunter also came running, dropping on the same side as Jack.

Hayes took my hand in his as did Hunter while Nash placed his hand where Jack's was just seconds ago. "Never again are you to leave my side Ky. Never." Hayes bawled, keeping my hand in a tight grip.

I didn't answer and just nodded, tears rolling down my cheeks. Sirens echoed and came to stop. I heard feet running to get them but I was too disoriented to know who.

Paramedics came and everyone but Jack moved. "She has a pretty nasty head wound and was beat pretty bad by bullies from her school. I came out and quickly applied pressure to her head." The man nods and thanks him, taking over from his spot to wrap it up.

"Hi sweetie... Finn... tell me name... how old...?" His voice faded in and out but I knew what he was asking, "Kylie Monique Grier... 13..." I answered sleepily.

"Good. Good. Where... we?" He questioned wrapping a bandage around the top of my head. "Jason's venue... MAGCON."

"Good job, lets... hospital..." I head as I was rolled onto a back board and then a gurney. "One person... come with... family..."

Nash's voice sounded, "I..., Hayes meet... there okay?" I didn't see anything, focusing on Finn. He was in his late thirties and was a really nice guy so far.

"Ky... I'm putting... mask on you... breathe better..." I nodded and allowed him to put the mask on.

Nash took my hand and held it softly, placing a kiss to the back of it.

That's all I remember before giving into the darkness that begged for me to visit.

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