Chapter 20: part 2

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Ruby POV

Me and my teams are headed this direction then we hide behind the crates from 3 grunts that pass by. We move out to avoid being spotted. We look around as we keep running when we see a wraith came out of nowhere but it didn't notice us so we run behind the wraith as we went to the left when it went to the right. We keep hiding the boxes to see a some of grunts sleeping while the others with red armor still awake.

Sun:" Man, do they need to sleep if they didn't notice we're here?"

Goryar:" Don't worry, we grunts went to take a nap for while. But for major grunt over there, they keep a lookout to see any enemy that close by."

Blake:" Reminds me of alpha beowolf with their pack."

Goryar:" Exactly."

Ruby:" So... What now?"

Alex:" We just pass them and avoid those majors. But be careful, if you wake one of them they will alert the others so be quiet and stay low."

All:" Got it."

We said as we sneak pass of them and avoid waking them up. After we pass those sleeping grunts and major grunts, we take cover at behind the crates to see two armor brutes at each sides and one brute which is different than the others. We can see the people are trapped there inside the cage. I was wondering of who is that brute that is different than the others so I asked Alex.

Ruby:" Hey, Alex."

Alex:" Yes?"

Ruby:" Who is that brute? He look different than the others?"

Alex:" That one is brute chieftain. He's a higher rank warrior that can crush skulls with his gravity hammer."

Goryar:" And it takes some more bullets to kill that meanie."

Yang:" He seems strong. But I can do better."

Weiss:" Right. Anyway, how can we get to them if they're standing there."

Then, we can see one covenant elite is joining with them. Alex have a bright idea as he tell to us.

Alex:" Okay. You should know that elites and brutes don't like each other so we have to make them mad to think it was him so they can fight each other. Once they are distracted, we bashed their heads out and get those people out of here."

Sun:" Don't worry, leave it to me and Neptune, right?"

Neptune:" Yeah. Let's hope so."

Alex:" Good. Now, try something that piss them off each other."

Sun:" You got it."

Sun and Neptune went around to find a way to make them both angry each other. A chieftain order his brutes to go to other camp site as they went there. It's only brute chieftain and elite staying there. He was looking away while elite is looking around the area. Sun was making a voice of brute to trick him to thinking that was a brute fault. An elite looking around the area when he heard a voice.

Sun (brute voice):" Hehehe... These elites care about honor but they're just dumb as a grunts."

He then hear someone which it was insulted. He look at brute chieftain at behind which he was looking at other direction. He's thinks he just talking himself when he hear more from him.

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