Chapter thirteen : First date

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The gang walked up to their rooms. Gray and Juvia hand in hand and Jellal and Erza hand in hand.

When they reached the doors the two couples kissed. Levy, Lucy, Gajeel and Natsu pretended to gag and be sick.

Erza rolled her eyes and everyone went into their rooms.

The girls all ran to Juvia "you two are so adorable!" Levy squealed.

1Thanks I can't believe it really." Juvia sighed happily.

"What should we do now then?" Lucy asked.

Erza's stomach grumbled "food."

"There's a noodle shop across from the hotel?" Juvia suggested.

"mmm noodles." The girls mouths watered.

So everyone changed and left the room to go get noodles. As they closed the door Natsu's head popped out of his door "where are you all going?"

Lucy replied "noodle shop!"

He grinned "can I come I want food!"

Lucy smiled "sorry but this is girl chat you wouldn't want that."

Natsu huffed "fine but you're still making me food remember!"

"Yep see you later!" Lucy winked and walked off. 

Everyone then left and got noodles.


The girls entered their room after having noodles. They just had girl chat which consisted of Lucy and Levy planning the Gruvia and Jerza wedding and what their babies would look like.

When they walked in a note was on the coffee table.

Erza picked it up and read "Juvia come to the pool with your swimsuit. Gray."

Everyone cheered but Juvia froze.

She started to panic "is this a date? What if I mess up? What if he suddenly thinks I'm super ugly? What if kissing me was all a prank? What if my breath stinks? What if- hmpf!" Erza put her hand over her mouth.

"Relax, if your breath smells brush your teeth now go get changed!" She instructed.

Juvia nodded and put her bikini on, she wasn't worried about it anymore Fairy Tail was her family she had no shame. Juvia put her hair in a braid, brushed her teeth in case then put flip flops on and then walked out to the main room.

"Go get him!" Lucy shouted and everyone shoved her out the door wishing her good luck leaving Juvia dumbfounded in the corridor.

Juvia walked to the pool muttering "Relax you've got this just stay calm and don't-"

Juvia opened the pool door and stared.

Fairy lights were all around the pool and winding up the slide. Blue flower petals were sprinkled around too. 

"Hey." Gray walked out from behind a post.

"Did you do all this?" Juvia exclaimed.

"It was my idea but the guys helped me while you were all out. I thought that we should probably have our first date."

Juvia thought her heart was going to melt "I can't believe you did all this for me it's beautiful."

"Of course I did I really like you." He walked up to her and handed her a strawberry ice-cream, her favourite.

"How did you know?"

"Remember you told me?"

She then recalled when she told him about her and her dad when she was little "I can't believe you remembered that."

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