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I packed my bag five minutes before class even ended , I was nervous yet excited to meet jaemin . jieun raised her brows as she saw me pack . when the bell rang , I immediately ran to Jaemin's and I usual hangout place ; the park near school .

I waited for jaemin . I didn't want him to wait so it always ended up being me who's waiting for the guy instead haha .

I was on my phone when someone closed my eyes with a pair of hands . I got taken aback and turned my head behind , our faces were inches apart .

he leaned closer and gave a peck on my cheeks . my eyes widen and I slapped myself , thinking it was a dream but it wasn't . I looked at jaemin with a confused face and he laughed . damn , that sweet smile of his gets me everytime .

he sat down beside me and rummaged through his bag . he took out two papers which seemed to be tickets .

" so why did you want to meet me ? " I asked and looked at him . he passed me one of the tickets and I looked at it .

" I wanted to see you of course haha . do you want to , perhaps go to the amusement park with me ? I have two tickets so I figured you could go with me " me ? out of all people you know why me ? I nodded and smiled at him .

" thanks ! you're the best , yerin " he said while hugging me . I was red all over again . he seemed to notice and catch up what's up with me but pretended he didn't know .

" are you sick ? you're all red " he said as he put the back of his hand on my forehead . I shook my head and looked at him . we made eye contact and it sent shivers down my whole body .

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