Just Friends? Yeah, right. ~ A Jonas Brothers Love Story

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*Halie's P.O.V.*

"Purple or blue?" Teresa asked me as she held up the nail polish.

"PURPLE!" I shouted and pointed towards the purple. She laughed and started painting my toe nails. I smiled and leaned back in my bed just as Hayley came bounding in with her arms full of Chinese food.

"Well, nice to see you guys got comfy while I was picking up the food!" She shouted while dropping the food on the desk. I laughed and turned the tv to M.T.V. Me, Hayley and Teresa had moved into our own apartment in Boston not far from the college we were attending now that we had graduated high school. I was 19, Teresa was 19 and Hayley was still 18. She was still a little over a month from turning 19.

"Hey! Pass me a fortune cookie." Teresa said to Hayley as she sat in the roller chair.

"Catch!" She said as she threw a cookie to Teresa and me.

"Hey! I didn't ask for one!" I yelled at her.

"Open it, you never know what you might get!" She laughed as she grabbed one herself. We all unwrapped them and before we could crack them open Hayley yelled at us. "Hey! Wait let's all do it together and read them at the same time!" We all agreed.

"1... 2... 3!" She shouted and we all cracked our fortune cookies open. We all took the fortunes out and read them simontainiously .

"You will find great happiness in your near future." We all read a loud.

"That was... Interesting." Said Teresa.

"No, it wasn't." Hayley interuppted. "That was BORING!!!" She yelled as she crumpled up the fortune and threw it in the trash.

I rolled my eyes and sighed just as the t.v. went to commercial.

"Do YOU want to meet the famous Scooter Braun?" I heard the announcer on t.v. ask. My eyes shot open and i bolted up straight.

"YES!!!" I screamed at the t.v.

"Do YOU want to be famous?! Do you have an amazing singing voice?!"

"YES AND YES!!!" I screamed even louder. Our neighbors unpstairs were gonna kill us later.

"Then head right on down to the T.D. Garden for your chance to try-out and become famous!" He finished as the t.v. changed ads. I looked at Hayley and Teresa with puppy-dog eyes.

"Please?!" I begged them. Teresa grinned.

"GO! GET CHANGED!!!" She yelled happily. I ran over to my closet and picked out the first thing I saw. A sparkly silver knee length dress that had spaghetti straps. As they ran into their own rooms to change into something else, I changed too and curled my orange-ish hair to perfection. I ran into the dining room with my silver heels still in my hands. Hayley and Teresa were already there waiting for me. Teresa was wearing gray skinny jeans with black flats and a yellow smiley face flowy shirt. Hayley was wearing a white v-neck t-shirt with a black vest over it with black skinny jeans and her black and white converse high-tops.

Teresa grabbed her keys and we jetted out of the apartment with Hayley locking the doors behind us.

"Go, go, go!" I yelled at Teresa as soon as Hayley got into the backseat. She shot out into the street and went at least 10 miles above the speed limit.

*10 Minutes Later*

"Why, is there so much traffic?!" I yelled and facepalmed.

"Well, considering that you have the chance to meet THE Scooter Braun who discovered... Oh, yeah JUSTIN BIEBER. I would figure there would be a lot of traffic." Said Hayley from the backseat. I rolled my eyes and tapped my foot on the floor of the car impatiently.

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