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Virgil's mine started drifting in and out of consciousness

He could barely make out people talking. It sound like Patton Logan and Roman.

" so he believes that deceit is it after him?"
' I don't believe is he touch me I know he's after me' Virgil thoughts

" he said that deceit came and told him if he didn't go with him he would kill us"
Virgil felt a soft hands on his face brushing the hair out of his closed eyes.

" that just means he was scared for us"
It was silent for a while
" think about it. Deceit shows up and tells him of his didn't come back with him he would kill us. He doesn't want us to die or get hurt.h-he is even risking going back to somewhere he know he will get hurt. Just because he doesn't want us to hurt"
Patton's voice started to tremble and it sounded like he was crying

" if he goes back he will definitely get hurt"

" that's why he's not going back... I don't care if either of you don't agree with me but he's not going back there."
Roman said in a bold voice

" I second that he's not going back"
" Virgil suffered enough"

"........ wait was there any question that we wouldn't be on your side?"

" uhh not really. but I just wanted to make sure"
Romans that awkwardly

Virgil felt himself drift back into unconsciousness.
Virgil's dream
" so we meet again"
Virgil turned around to see the blond haired girl. you know the one from the beginning? with flowers in her hair the spirit.

" hello?"

" so powerful but yet so naive"
She said smiling shaking her head


Virgil's stated at her confused.

" it doesn't matter"

" you know it's kind of funny. You have such great strength but you're afraid. deceit is going to kill your friends.
I mean have you even wondered. Why he's killing them and not killing you for leaving?"

Before Virgil could answer he was taking back two consciousness.

he was being lately shaken awake.


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