With that he turns back and leaves from there.

And after he left Nandini felt all alone again.

Nandini pov:

I know Manik I've hurted you a lot. But I can't even tell you the truth because I know this truth is gonna hurt you even more. What do I tell you? That I shared a room for a whole night with a guy who is not even a friend of mine. And I... I...

End of pov.

And then she starts crying. She started crying hard...really hard. She was wailing like a small child does. Only then a nurse came to her room to check on her.

The nurse was a middle-aged woman. She had came to Nandini's room to check her vitals and give her some medicines but she was shocked when she saw her crying. She felt pity for Nandini.

"Hey young girl. Don't cry my child...shh..shh...Don't cry...You're already very weak due to the typhoid and now if you won't stop crying you'll be even more weak. You just woke up after 2 days. Shh...Don't cry my child.."

The nurse kept on caressing her back and said soothing words until Nandu calmed down. It was very difficult for her to make Nandu calm but she handled her with patience, tenderness and love. Might be this was what Nandu was craving for. Might be this was what Nandu was expecting rather than those questions.

"What's your name child? "

"Na...Na...Nan...Nandi....Nandini" She said in between her hiccups.

"That's a beautiful name. And even you're beautiful. And beautiful girls don't look much pretty when they cry. Don't cry my child. She you're having hiccups and you're getting weak. It's not good for your health. Why were you crying? You can share it to me if you want. Sometimes talking your heart out with strangers is of no harm. And I mean of no harm to you my child."

Nandini finally looked towards the nurse and the nurse gave a warm, comforting and kind smile. Nandu again took back her eyes from the nurse and looked at the door and seemed lost.

"He left."

"He has left to come back. He'll be back soon. Don't worry."

"He might not come to me again."

"Have faith dear. Are you talking about the same guy who was here since you're admitted?"

Nandu didn't say anything just looked at the nurse and again continued to stare at the door.

"That boy loves you way too much. He won't leave you. Have faith my child. But if you want I can accompany you until he returns. "

Nandini doesn't say anything and lies in bed. The nurse caresses her hair and Nandu fells asleep. Might be because of those high dose medicines and sedatives or because she was emotionally and physically tired. The nurse stayed with her.

It was already more than half hour Nandini was asleep and the nurse was still there caressing her hair. Nandu again started shivering and sweating. She was in deep slumber. But still she was shivering and sweating. Her calm face was again panic striken and there were frowns in her forehead. The nurse noticed this and tried to calm her down. He rubbed Nandu's palm and caressed her head but it didn't work. She heard her blabering something but it wasn't clear. So the last option was to wake her up. She shook her and finally Nandu woke up breathing heavily. And as a reflex Nandu immediately hugged the nurse. The nurse again lovingly caressed her back and Nandu was sobbing.

" shh...Don't cry my child. Be quiet. It was just a bad dream. A nightmare. Remember there is always a beautiful sunrise after a dreadful thunder."

Nandu just remained silent. The nurse detached herself from Nandu and made Nandu face her.

"Don't worry. Everything will be alright. Trust me."

Nandu just nodded.

"I have a small work. But don't worry I'll be back within five minutes. Till then don't worry and try to stay calm and get some rest. Okay?"


Finally Nandu spoke a word and the nurse came out of the room smiling and went to the doctor's cabin.

She knocked the door of the doctor's cabin. The doctor granted her the permission and she enter inside.

"Doctor. There's something I need to tell you about the patient in room no. 204."

The doctor nodded indicating her to speak further.

Then the nurse narrates her the whole scenario that happened in Nandu's room.



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