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Happy Diwali guys❤❤

What's your favourite part or favourite day of Diwali??

Mine is Dhanteras and Bhaidooj😉😍

Any Nepali readers out here? They know it's totally different from the Indian Dhanteras and Bhaidooj.

Anyways I'd like to know about the Indian rituals too. Anyone out there who would give me some idea? I'd really appreciate that😍

And who bursts crackers?? I'm really scared to do that🙈😅

And I'd also really like to connect with all my readers so feel free to PM me😘❤

Anyways here you guys go with the next chapter.



Nandini was all guilt ridden and panicked after Manik left. Her eyes were filled with tears but she couldn't cry. There was no one right now with whom she could cry her heart out. There was no one with whom she share her inner turmoil.

Nandini's pov :

Ayyiappa, how could I say like that to Manik? How could I call him and his love ridiculous? He loves me so much and what am I doing? I'm keeping secrets from him. I'm screaming at him. What do I do Ayyiappa? How do I face him now? I know he might be too hurt because of my words and actions but I just don't know to react😔 How do I manaofy him? And what do I tell to Navya? How to explain her? I'm in a deep mess Ayyiappa please help me. 😣

End of Nandu pov.

After Manik came out of Nandu's room he straight went to the washroom washed his face to calm down and was coming back to Nandini but he saw her lost deep in her thoughts.

" I know you're hiding something from me. I don't know what it is and why are you doing this. But I'm pretty sure it's something big. Otherwise you wouldn't hide things from me. But you know right Nannu that the only thing that can break us apart is secrets, lies and lack of trust in each other. Don't you trust me enough to share your worries with me? Don't you trust me enough to talk your heart out? Is this how much trust you had on me? "

He turns back and closes his eyes to absorb the tears formed in his eyes. And leaved from there. He comes a little away from her room and dials a number.

"Hello...Where are you? Doesn't matter wherever you are just come back to Mumbai by your next flight.... No I don't care.... You need to be here.... It's very important.."

He cut the call and smiled.

" Now let's see how much can you hide things from us.😏"

And he again makes a call this time to Navya.

"Listen Navya. I've got some urgent work. And it needs to be complete soon. So can you please come to the hospital and accompany Nandu. I'm leaving right now. So please come soon."

After he completes his one sided talk with Navya he heads to Nandu's room with an expressionless face takes his bag and goes towards Nandini and kisses on her forehead. She just stays quiet, closes her eyes and tries to absorb his touch. A drop of tear drops from her eyes. Manik saw that and tries hard not to break down in front of her. He knows she is physically weak right now and giving more stress to her won't be good for her health but he is doing this for their betterment.

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