Preference #40

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{break up}

-you broke up with him
-Millie was being awfully flirtatious towards him
-your jealousy got the best of you and you couldn't take it anymore

-he broke up with you
-he found feelings towards someone else
-he didn't feel like it was right to love someone else and be with you

-he broke up with you
-lilia decides she wanted him back and he instantly wanted her back too (i love lilia, no shade to her)
-he broke up with you with no mercy

-you broke up with him
-you were stressed the fuck out
-he noticed this and tried to help you
-out of frustration, you broke up with him
-he was confused, and you instantly regretted it but it was too late

-she broke up with you
-she thought she was straight
-you understood but you were still hurt since you loved her

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