Part 71 - As lonely as one can be

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The walk back to Terminus was mostly silent, but I could feel Gareth's eyes boring back into the the back of my head from time to time, this made me feel very uncomfortable. "Why not take a picture, it'll last longer" I stated, he was beginning to really piss me off, I had a lot on my mind and I didn't need, nor want him on my long list of this GS to worry about. Gareth just chuckled, he fastened his pace and matched mine as he walked beside me. "C'mon Jess, lighten up!" he replied, I chose to ignore him, he was utterly repulsive. When we had reached Terminus , Gareth took me into the large room from where we had first met him. My whole group were on their knees in a straight line as though they are criminals about to face the firing squad, my eyes immediately shifted to Rick and Carl. Carl looked terrified, a feeling rose from within me, like a mother looking at her helpless child, I held on tight to Judith and walked over to Gareth "He's just a child, he shouldn't be going through this you sick, twisted fuck!" I shouted in his face, Gareth looked angry, he snapped his fingers and Judith was snatched from me "No!" I yelled, my hair was grabbed and my arms were bound together tightly. Gareth dragged me, one hand tight on my arm and one entangled in my hazel locks. Rick shuffled around on the floor as Gareth dragged me closer to him, his tone becoming more conniving "Why don't you tell Rick our little secret, huh?" Gareth asked. My eyes widened, my stared didn't leave Rick's. "You too shy? oh... well let me enlighten him yeah?" I sighed "Rick, I'm-" he placed his hand over mouth, I struggled as I was going to tell him myself. "We're having a baby!" he acted all happy as though he was that one having the baby, he leant in closer to Rick and lowered his tone. "Don't you worry, I'll take good care of her" he declared, showing off a wink in the process. Rick was wide eyed, but he quickly snapped back into reality, he struggled and tried to go for Gareth but he was pulled back by Alex, his eyes went back to mine, they were full of desperation and despair which made me tear up "Please just leave her alone" Rick pleaded which caused Gareth to chuckle. "Now listen, you're all gonna stay here with us for a while and-" his sentence was cut short. "Please! can we just stop!" I looked to see Bob step in, I had never really gotten on with Bob, especially because of the scotch accident but he was still part of the group.

"You don't have to do this, we can put the world back to how it was"he pleaded, Gareth let go of me and wandered over to Bob "Excuse me?" Gareth asked, moving closer to Bob as he did "There's a cure, we just need to get that man to Washington..." Bob continued, pointing to Eugene with his head Please just take a chance" Gareth crouched down and moved even closer to Bob and smiled, he leant in and spoke quietly yet it was loud enough for everyone to hear. "Don't you know its rude to interrupt?" he asked, Bob's face screwed up in pain as Gareth grabbed his knife and plunged it into Bobs body. I was speechless, what the fuck had just happened?? "No!!!" Sasha screamed, managing to get up before anyone could grab her restrained form. She tried to attract Gareth but she was quickly tackled to the ground before she could reach him, she began to thrash around, Alex and one other member of Terminus and to pin her down. Gareth kept eye contact with Rick, as he did the same, a stare off of whoever could intimidate the other one first. "We didn't want to hurt you... This wasn't personal" He chuckled and stood up, causing Bob's lifeless body to collapse on the floor. The rest of the group surrounded Gareth and they began to talk, I turned to see most of them nodding in agreement to what Gareth was saying, then Mary began to talk, also causing heads to nod. After what had seemed like hours they all dispersed back to their original positions. "Okay we'll do it, you join us and we'll go to Washington to cure this thing" Gareth began, "Mary, Alex put them all back in the train car we'll leave in the morning." he finished, taking my arm and dragging me away from the group. "Woah, wait, I'm going with the rest of them..." I stated pulling back towards my group, my family. "Oh no, no, no you staying with me tonight" he replied, yanking me back. "Over my dead body!" I pulled again, he pulled me towards him and gripped my shoulders tight, it began to hurt. "You don't have a choice" I was dragged back to his room.

The room was small with nothing but a miniature lamp and a tiny single bed in the corner, there were no windows that I could get out of and the door would probably be watched the whole night. I wasn't going anywhere. Gareth untied my hands and I felt something cold go around my wrist, he had hand cuffed my hand and attached it to the bed post "Hey!" I yelled, "Just so I know you won't be wandering off in the night" he smiled, I sat down on the bed, not making eye contact at all. I felt him brush my hair over my ear which made me feel slightly uncomfortable, then he proceeded to kiss my forehead. He stood up and walked towards the door and paused. "You'll have to get used to it here... Because you aren't going anywhere, none of you are" and with that he left the room and slammed the door. I immediately began to cry, I moved to the corner as far as I could and drew my knees up, I wanted my family, I wanted to be with them, not here in this... prison, this place was worse than Woodbury.

Credit to - Juxtaposition for the cover of this story <3 :)

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