Chapter 1

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A lone man sits behind a large desk typing away at his computer, from out the floor to ceiling windows the scene of a bright and busy city along with multiple skyscrapers can easily be found, though none are as tall as the one that the man is working in.

The large office itself was modern and decorated tastefully. On the large desk was a silver nameplate that read "Damon Aediles".

A knock was heard from the large mahogany doors, he gives a sound of approval and a sharply dressed woman emerges holding stacks of papers.

She puts them down to a desk in the side and says, "Mr. President, a woman named Ms. Sharle is here to see you. Should I go get her?"

The man continues to type while letting out a slight sigh of annoyance, "Here again? I'm not interested in her or her company. Yet she still insists on making me take her out to dinner."

The secretary hides a teasing smile behind her hand, "Oh~ Can't really blame her. Who could pass on our president? He's so tall, handsome, rich, and public opinion believes he's very loyal to his lovers~"

The man is unamused, "Flattering me isn't going to work, and they only say I'm loyal because I've never been in a relationship."

"Ah? Who said I was talking about you?"

He sweat-dropped, she continued, "I was kidding. Our president is this popular but you still haven't found a lover yet, it's too sad yet I also find it hilarious."

He was still typing, his expression indifferent, "I'm just not interested at the moment."

The 40 year old woman sighs, her expression softening, "You're already nearing your thirties but it's always been work. The company you started from scratch is now ranked first, you don't have any family members or a lot of friends, I want you to take breaks once in awhile. Meet new people. Enjoy life more."

The man stops typing for a moment, his silver eyes held a trace of warmth. Though he may not have many friends, the few he has are reliable and have a special place in his otherwise empty heart.

"Helen...I'll think about it more."

"uwu Such a good kid. I'll go send that girl back, you go home early tonight Damon."


. . .

An hour later, he took Helen's advice and finished up early. He took the private elevator to the lobby where his ride was already waiting for him outside. But just after exiting the glass doors he was stopped by a young man in all white, somehow giving off a white glow. The body guards quickly surrounded him ready to apprehend but he raised a hand to signal them to stop.

"What do you want?"

The young man smiles, "I am an angel from heaven sent to fulfill your wish."

Damon: . . .

Guards: Pfft! *cough*

The young man blushes from embarrassment but continues, "A-Anyway, that's why I'm here so tell me your wish!"

Damon: . . .

Everything was silent. The young man thought that the other was in shock probably thinking he was being pranked on. Contrary to his thinking, Damon was actually thinking of a wish since the young man had asked.

Don't ask why he believes in the young man, when he was younger, he had already met a different angel and came to know of their existence from that first meeting.

". . . I want a lover."

The young man nodded and was not surprised, "Actually, I already knew your wish so I brought the perfect thing for you. I'm giving you a Love Egg!"

Everyone: . . .

". . . You're giving me a vibrating sex toy?"

The young man panicked not knowing the evil of the mortal world, "W-What? No! It's an actual egg but we just call it the Love Egg!!"

The man sighed, "You need to make up a better name."

The young man ignored him and took out an ordinary gray egg carton. . .

"Here. . . Take it.", he said solemnly.

Damon took it. Now he felt like he was getting pranked on. But as a male god his face showed no expression and just took the gray carton.

The young man smiled, "Now that my work here is done, I shall leave."

He glowed in a splendid bright light, white wings dramatically appeared from his back and he flew away to the skies.

Guards: Ugh. . . What? Did something happen a few moments ago?

The flying angel snickered, "Erasing his memories, he's probably wondering why he's holding an egg carton! Hahaha~ . . . He won't eat it right?"

Meanwhile, on the ground. . .

Damon: . . . . That angel forgot to tell me where my lover is. . . .

. . .

A lone man. . . And his egg carton sat at the backseat of an expensive car on the way to his home. They soon arrived at a fancy looking high-rise apartment, he got off and made his way to the elevators once more to get to the top floors. Him owning this entire building and many others.

He entered the passcode for his door and entered a modern yet classy looking living space. He walked upstairs to his bedroom and placed the carton on the bed stand while he took a long, relaxing shower and changed clothes.

Seeing as how he wasn't in the mood to do anything, he decided to sleep early for once after checking a few emails.

He turned the lights off and got under the silk sheets soon falling asleep, not noticing the small crack that had appeared on the egg.

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