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Reincarnation- the rebirth of a soul in a new body. Someone who believes that they've been reborn.

If you ask if I believe in it the answer would probably be no, not necessarily, I mean sure, I might believe in afterlife, but being surrounded by Christans left and right, hearing bout it all the time, I kinda get annoyed. Afterlife seriously isn't it the same as rebirth. So stop bothering me, I'm not religious, geezes people, cool your head, chillax would you?

My name is Rose, Rose Hynah. I'm a very popular artist of the 21st century. Painter, drawer, suplturer, a musician, and an origami folder. Honestly not to brag or anything, but I think I've surpassed Picasso. Well in the first place I don't really like Picasso's art, but oh well, others like it.

But another thing I also don't honestly understand are the people who walk past me carrying a bag, a bag of games.

There is this game, something called an otome game. This one, the one that everyone is ogling is  called 'Sunny Days Up Ahead!' I don't know the details but hearing my friends gushing over it non-stop I figured out that it was kinda like a romance game? Idk I don't really like that kind of genre, but hey you can't stop someone who likes it to not like it.

So basically theres the heroine, the person that will soon have a reverse harem, her names Sakura Hanako. She's a very easygoing person, cheerful, and of course very lovable.

This is why the capture targets like her. Don't ask me why. They just do.

Actually this game has more than 1 heroine, since there are 4 continents. The North, The South, The West, and The East. Sakura Hanako is from the east.

Also a reason why EVERYONE is gushing over it is that it has really good art, I have to agree as well. Like the details, the realisticness of it, it's supreme!

Anywho, back to the story. With every heroine, there is, of course a villainess.

Yukino Kimura the only princess of the Fox Clan, a clan where people have fox ears and fox tails. She's a spoiled, bratty, annoying person that thinks she's the best, the prettiest, and the most amazing on the face of earth.

She was hated by everyone besides her family, her family dotes on her since she is after all the only princess, she has two brothers, one is a capture target, and honestly this is the best outcome for Yukino. She lives, just stripped of her title as princess. Still kinda lives as a noble. But still dies at the hands of the other capture targets. Still this shows how much they care for Yukino.

Then there is other villainesses as well as heroines, but I'm not going to get into that yet, cause guess what? I'm dead, I'm dead and still thinking and talking. I don't know how I died, but I died.

Soooooo yeah, I'm currently sitting in a place with lots of floating orbs. What is it? Don't look at me. I have not the slightest clue. I just see orbs, more orbs, and even more orbs. The most worrying part is that they're all floating towards me! So I did what any normal person would do, swat at it, trying to shoo it away.

Nope all those I touched disappeared, poofed into thin air, or so I thought.

After a while, I got tired, so like any lazy person would do I slept, slept for a long, long time. I'm dead, I'm suppose to be sleeping! So I did.

How wrong I was, how stupidly wrong I was. How naive. I should've known, when has God ever been on my side? Well folks the answer is never! Never has god been on my side. This proves it even more, cause folks I tell you, I got reincarnated.

Overjoyed? Nope.

Happy? Nope.

Satisfied? Nope.

Jumping with glee? Definitely not.

Cause guess what?

I'm the villainess, Yukino Kimura. The person that'll probably die, again.

Seriously why couldn't you have just let me rest in peace??!!




I'm just gonna die anyways....



My poor sleep... bye-bye... I'll be there soon though! Ima gonna die after all.


Note! It was a made up game, don't actually think it's a real game. And yes I know, I said I wouldn't be releasing anything till Transmigration of a Celebrity is finished, however I wanted to start this story...... it'll be very slow updates, like maybe 1 per month or none at all...

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