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Hey guys! Sorry for not updating yesterday, I was at a wedding lol, okay guys, this book is starting to grow! We gained 70 reads in 2 days!! Thank you so much :) anyways, I'm definitely uploading a long chapter, I do wish you guys voted a bit more tho, but thanks anyways! :))

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Song of chapter: Secrets and Lies — Ruelle



The match was over, we won

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The match was over, we won. The moment I scored that last ball, the whole team came crashing down on me, without Adams.

After we cheered for a bit, everyone broke apart and I sneakily searched for Daisy, I finally spotted her..making out with Zack Bartoli.


But how?


How doesn't she know?

Didn't anyone tell her? How could she be so stupid!

Didn't she know she was the reason Zack got kicked out of the team?

I vividly remember that day 2 and a half weeks ago like it was yesterday.

Flashback 2.5 weeks ago.

I walked in the locker rooms, coach had asked us all to be there right before practice, I had a bad feeling about this, coach's meetings were never good.

The whole team was in, and I was the last person entering right before coach. "Hello bears, sit down" coach said, and we all took our seats.

"I have news for Zack Bartoli, and Tanner Michaels." He started, Zack and I immediately looked up, "due to a recent notice, Zack will not be participating in the football team this season, and Tanner will be taking his new place as wide receiver, we have a new quarterback." Coach said

And my heart dropped like an elevator when it's wires snap. "Are you serious? Coach! You can't kick me out if I'm not failing a class!" Zack protested

"I'm in charge of this whole team and I can accept, decline, remove, or add anyone I want, and I chose to remove you from the team." Coach said back savagely.

"Who's the new quarterback?" I asked, the team seemed interested now.

"Daisy Adams." Coach said, and that's when hell went loose.

"You kicked me out because of a girl!!?" Zack yelled.

"Indeed" Coach replied calmly. Zack stormed out and I couldn't help but storm out with him. I couldn't believe I was replaced with a dumb girl!

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