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Some Penguins are born great,  
         some achieve greatness,  
                 and some have greatness thrust upon them. 
But none of these applied to Dave. 
No, for him, greatness was an experience package that had been delivered from the collective penguin mind to him by mistake. 
It was big and heavy with thousands of parts inside that smashed together alarmingly when you shook it.  
There was no obvious contact number or return address, and frankly the thing could have been for anyone. 
What Dave had actually ordered was a surfboard, a fishing rod, two tickets to a warm remote beach, and a simple life. 
What he got, was ultimate knowledge, a vast management problem, responsibility, and a bill for insufficient postage.  
Such was life these days. 
Yes, Dave was a penguin, but not just an ordinary penguin; he was an emperor penguin, and a smart one at that. 
He was about to have the most extreme ongoing 'spiritual' experience imaginable. The problem was that nobody could give a logical explanation as to what it actually was, what it was about, and what he was supposed to do about all the ongoing strange events, and his new found highly technical understanding of it all.

In the Antarctic the world was much simpler, less confusion, less noise, less chaos, which made things in life easier to see, and you had more time to think about what it all meant.
The question was should he save the world, or just hope the whole problem thing would all go away and leave him alone. Equally if we could see things from Dave's point of view, and knew what he knew, then we may change too. 
Yes, he may know all the answers to life, the universe and everything, from quantum physics, psychology, biology, philosophy, natural sciences, technology etc. Yes every day of his life now read like a Dan Brown novel, but he was just a penguin after all, in a simple world of ice snow and fish. Besides nobody had asked him to have this thing, he didn’t want to know anyway, he was just a bloke penguin minding his own business. 

So even though he ‘knew all’, what could he do about it all, and why should he anyway ?

The answers were extreme, and more than a bit surprising.

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