Chapter 35: Stop The Search. I Found Her.

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Eli's P.O.V.

I groan while rolling over, expecting my mate's warmth. Her scent was faintly there but no way it was her. I crack my eyes open to find a pillow with her hoodie atop of it. My brows knit together as I sit up, looking around the room. I smile softly when I see my shoes off of my feet and on the carpet. Jet leaps on the bed with a loud bark.

"Hey, buddy," I say while scratching behind his ear. His leg thumped in response.

"Sit?" I secretly try, his head cocks confusingly. I scowl before making my way to the bathroom. I run a hand through my crazed hair I look at the bags under my eyes that were somewhat beginning to fade. Nicole would be happy about that. I throw my dirty clothes in the hamper before tugging on a pair of sweat pants and walking out the bedroom door. I sniff the air, her scent was very faint. Confusion races through me and Larkin started to become anxious.

"Mates gone!" I roll my eyes before reassuring him she's fine. I peer into every room in the house, coming up empty. My body started to sweat, I was generally worried.

"Where is my Luna," I growl to every one of my higher ranks. I felt all of them tense.

"Haven't seen her Alpha." They all say in different reports. My heart beats ferociously in my chest as I rip my front door off its hinges.

"Find her. Now." I snarl inhumanly. I felt everyone's heart pumping as they searched violently for their Luna.


Two. Hours.

My sweet Nikki has been missing for two hours. No one can find her. I growl and punch through the wall. I shake the debris off of my now bleeding fist.

"Eli. Let me take control and try to follow her scent!" He asked again, I sighed and finally allowed it. My vision shifted to a dark shade and I knew Larkin was in command. My eyes shut as I take a long whiff of the air. Her florescent smell lingered in the wind, but it was so faint. I followed it slowly, making sure I was going in the right direction. No one followed me as I stomped up the stairs of the pack house. I yank the door open. I ignoring everyone in the room while focusing on her scent when it got stronger.

I got more uneasy to find her, I started sprinting. But every step I took made me more confused. I stopped outside my office, panting with both my brows raised in surprise and dismay. I grab the handle, twisting it till it stopped. Locked.

"Stop the search. I found her." I growl, I felt everyone freeze and breathe sighs of relief.

"Yes, Alpha." They say in sync. I pull the key to my office out from beneath the mat. I unlock the door and push it open with burning rage. But, it flew out the window. My body melts and tears border my eyes once I see her. Coffee cups surrounded her, but each one had a paper towel under it. She was completely passed out, her head laying on her arm, a pen still in her limp fingers. Droll dripped from her lips and dark circles sit under her eyes. The once huge stack of papers that used to lay on my desk was evaporated. Only about three left sitting on the desk while the others sat on the complete opposite side. I walk forward and grab a sheet of paper off the top of the murderous pile. My eyes scan towards the bottom of the paper, seeing her beautiful signature. My eyes widen when realization clicked in. I looked between her and the paper.

"Wait...she did all our work?!" Larkin answered my unspoken question. My jaw drops as I glance back at her, the beautiful long locks of her hair were crazed. I walk around my desk and lift her up only to sit in her spot. She softly groans when I tap her.

"Nicole," I say softly, she flutters her eyes open and looks in my direction. My face sank as I saw how truly exhausted she was.

"Oh hey, Eli." She said lazily.

"What are you doing?" I say, glancing at the huge pile of papers. She followed my gaze while wiping the drool from her lips.

"Oh. Well, you were really tired yesterday so I thought I'd help you out." She shrugged while picking the pen back up, finishing the signature she fell asleep doing.

"How long have you been up?" I asked softly while watching her put the paper onto the pile.

"Since I put you to sleep." She mumbled while grabbing another paper. My eyes widen and my lips parted. She starts reading the next paper but she starts to nod off. I snatch the pen and she gasped softly at the speed.

"You've been in here since lunch yesterday?!!!" I scream, she winces at the loudness while trying to take the pen back.

"Are you serious Nicole?!" I say while pulling it away from her.

"Please stop yelling." She whispers when reaching for a new pen.

"Just let me finish these last three okay?" She whispers again, I growl and slam the pen down.

"Nicole. I appreciate that you did this for me. But your dead tired from doing the work I was supposed to do." I snap. She flinches but continues to do the work.

"Stop!" I spin her around so I'm staring into those beautiful yet intoxicating green eyes.

"Eli...just let me finish...please? I wanna feel accomplished. Look at all I've done. Let me finish it." She pleads softly while looking back at the paperwork mountain.

"Nic-" She weakly places her lips to mine, making my mouth close. I gently grab her hips and kiss her back. She pulls back after a moment and turns around and reads. My body was itching as I watched her do my paperwork, but I stopped when I saw the confused look on her face.

"What is it?" I asked while leaning over her shoulder.

"Alpha Marcus...where have I heard his name before." She mumbled while tapping his name with the end of the pen.

"Allison's old mate." I answer, her mouth forms an 'O' as she thanks me with a weak nod.

"He wants to have a meeting with you." She says while looking over her shoulder at me. I nodded and she reaches for the phone, slowly she dials his number. She hands it to me while sliding the paper in front of me, she grabs the last paper and starts reading but I could tell she was still listening which made me smirk.

"Ah Alpha Eli." He answers, making my lip curl in distaste. Marcus was a very childish Alpha, throwing his authority around and abusing it.

"I saw your paper. What do you want a meeting for." I declare, getting to the point.

"I would like to start an alliance with you. Join packs." I roll my eyes but smile amusingly when Nicole chuckles under her breath.

"We've been over this Marcus. No. I will not join packs with you." I snap the last part, making him sigh.

"Alright alright....but that's not the only reason." My brow raised and Nikki turned her attention to me when she finished the last paper.

"I have reason to suspect my mate is in your pack." Almost immediately Nicole started growling, making Marcus fall silent. Before I had time to think, she snatched the phone and jumped off me.

"Are you talking about Allison?" She asked darkly, waiting for an answer. She snarled and started to pace in front of the desk.

"She's not your mate. You rejected her! She no longer belongs to you and never will if I have anything to do with it." She threatens loudly while pausing for another answer.

"I don't give a fuck who you think you are! Allison is part of my pack. Period. End on story. We're not just gonna hand her back over....No. She's not just some object you get to play with you sick son of a bitch. If I ever see you, I will personally beat the living hell of you. Call this pack again unless its an emergency, and I will make sure your pack doesn't live to see another day. Do I make myself clear." My lips tighten into a smile as I watch her fume with anger. I heard Marcus frantically try to apologize but she slams the phone back on its receiver.

"Damn." I breathe, she looks back at me with an apologetic smile.

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