Fourteen: Questions

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Chapter Fourteen : Questions

When it came to mothers I was known to be a hit with them. Mothers usually loved me because of my honest character and I got along with them, I knew what mothers wanted to hear and conversations would be none stop.

I was basically the dream girl you'd want to show your mother.

But when Tyler told me his mother wanted to see me I'll admit I was scared.

I knew Mrs Malik was friends with my Mother. They got along well. I remembered when I first met her.

She was not like regular mother's.

I was scared. I had no idea what would happen, Would she hurt me ? Threaten me ? Or even kill ?

"I don't want to go alone" I said looking down.

"I'll come with you then?" He offered.

I nodded. I hopped off the bed and we walked together. My heart was racing and sweat was forming around my face. I've never felt so scared in my life. I just wanted to go home.

Tyler placed his hand on my shoulder, giving me a reassuring squeeze.

"Just relax" He reminded me as i nodded. Maybe she was going to bribe me and send me home ? They probably had the wrong person and she wanted to negotiate with me.

Tyler led me to this room. It was an office. There was a huge balcony on your left hand side and cabinets and shelves on the right. In the middle of the room there was two black leather seats facing the silver desk where she had bits and bobs everywhere. Their mother was sitting on her chair while Zayn slouched on the opposite one.

Her face was in a frown as she looked at papers.

Tyler coughed and their heads snapped up.

"Skylar ! What a beautiful surprise " She spoke standing up. She was wearing a grey pencil skirt and a cream blouse. Her glasses were now pushed up to her head. She walked up to me and cupped my cheeks.

"Still beautiful as ever" She said.

Was she referring to the time where I was nothing but rude to her ?

"Mum" Tyler said looking at his mother. He was probably sensing her something because her eyes widen and she glared at Zayn.

Zayn's head was hung low and he didnt bother to look at us.

"How do you like the place ?" She asked.

"I haven't really looked around"

"Im sure Melissa will show you around better, She's so happy...your here" She stopped herself from adding anything else as she smiled at me.

I thought she was strict and serious but she was all happy and smiley.

"Zayn , Tyler you can go now" Tyler nodded.

"I want to stay here" You could definatly hear anger in his voice although he was trying to keep it in but failed.

She said something to him. I didn't understand but i knew it was in Greek. Zayn tensed slightly as his nose flared. He stood up walking past Tyler and I . There was a lot of tension in the air between us.

Tyler closed the door behind them as Mrs Malik turned to me and smiled.

"Take a seat sweetheart"

I sat down on the black leather chair and Mrs Malik sat infront of me.


"Call me Patricia, I feel less old if you would call me by my first name" She said through a chuckle as i nodded.

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