About You

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In this story you are a shy, but helpful, ninja in Midgard. You are close friends with Mimir and you climb the mountain every week just to chat with him. You barely wander in the forest knowing the witch of the woods would kill you on sight. The Gods know of you and have tendencies to hunt you down. Thor, Baldur, and even Odin himself have trouble finding you. Heimdall, despite his sight across all nine realms, cannot see you thanks to enchantments.

Much like Kratos (in the early days) you despise the Gods, but you lend more of a helping hand than he did. You wield a sword, and possess a small hold over magic. You are also familiar with Brok and Sindri but care for only Brok. They know of you and call you 'The Midgard Ghost'.

You also know of Kratos but don't dare disturb him. Even though you know he's changed, you don't want to disturb him. But when Baldur shows up to Midgard hunting the Ghost of Sparta, you decide to help him out.

A/N: There's all you're getting for now. This is the start of What if YOU were in God of War and it is the base of your character. But I will be back sometime around the 27th, maybe 28th. Anyway, have a great day/night. :)

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