Happy Late Birthday, Taj! *Part 2*

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Before we start, I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to Tajea567 since it was her birthday. And I know I already have said Happy B'day already, but it was her special day! Even the gang agrees: 


Taj: Thanks! 

Baha: Pick one wish and it will become true....

Taj:.......A hundred packs of Oreos everyday.  *Oreo packs fall on her* 


Everyone: Can I get one?

Happy Birthday again, Tajea567


Amy: Hey everyone!

Sonic: We are back and ready! 


Baha: We also have Espio for the rest of the game, so send dares and truths for him too!

Espio: Thank you, Baha. *nods towards her* 

Baha: *nods back* 

Everyone: *watching*

Tikal: Ok, so lets starts off with the next asker: Sapphirethehedgecat 

Her List: 

I dare everyone to torture Sally.

I dare Shadow to walk slowly around the neighborhood saying that he loves Samara.

 I dare Sonic to walk slowly around the state saying you were an idiot for giving up Amy to that STUPID CHIPMUNK!!!! And that you're a jerk and not the fastest thing alive Shadow is. And that you are the faker!!!!! Oh yea, I'm torturing you Sonic. 

Oh Sonic, btw I dare you to go without chili dogs for 5 chapters and stay in the deep end of the pool with no one helping you for 5 minutes. Then someone can rescue you.

Everyone (except Sonic): *laughing* 

Knuckles: I feel so bad for you Sonic! *wheezing* 

Alex: *laughs* But at the same time....

Everyone: NOT! *goes back to laughing* 

Sonic: *grumbling* Fuck y'all. 

Girls: No thank you! *Baha's eyes turn dark pink= flirtatiously* 

Sonic: *speechless* SERIOUSLY! 

Boys: *laugh harder*

Shadow: I'll go do my dare first, and *winks at Samara* gladly. 

Samara: *blushes* Thank you, Shadow.

Baha: I got to get this on tape! *grabs video camera* 

Everyone else: Same! *grabs phones* 

Shadow: *sigh* Let's do this. I'm the Coolest. *grabs shades* 

Everyone: *facepalm* 

Silver: Is he serious right now? 

Jana/Taj: Yep. 

Shadow: *walking slowly* I love Samara. I love Samara so much. I love my Sama. 

Everyone: *shocked* 

Samara:  Awww. *feeling really loved* 

Baha: *eyes turn violet* So Kawaii!

Tails: Is he for real?

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