:Chapter 4:

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Neither of my parents were amused when I came home. Especially in Isaac's car, but I didn't care. I'm not sure how Isaac did it but he made me feel a bit different. From that charming smile on his face to his kindness.

He was different for sure and he made me feel a bit jealous when Isadora came in. And I'm not even how he did it. I barely knew him except that his dog Venom seemed to like me. Although his wolf hybrid Venom was absolutely gorgeous, the most beautiful wolf I've encountered.

He wasn't a solid color. He was black, brown, silver, caramel, and white. Sort of like Isaac's hair and bright gold eyes. And I felt bad for trespassing on his land and he didn't seem to mind. Isadora seemed like a nice girl very eager to meet me

And his mother was sweet. Danielle made me wish my mother was like her, sweet but not overbearing like my mother. I was sitting in bed with my Bluetooth headphones plugged in with 'All The Stars' playing from my shuffle. My mother was unpacking in distaste despite not liking it here.

But she wasn't about to take this away from me. One month. Just one month and I was free from their controlling grasp. I sucked in air before getting up and taking my pills for the middle of the day before going out and washing a frying pan as I set down my iPod.

"Lore." My mother said and I looked at her. "What?" I asked. "Lore. . . I'm sorry for last night." My mother said. But it was forced, I could tell because she wasn't sorry. But at least she was attempting. "If you like it here, that's fine." My mom said.

I took out the wheat carb count shells and cooked up some chicken before making myself a quesadilla and I looked back at her. "Who was that man that drove you home yesterday?" My mother asked as I sealed the quesadilla before flipping it and I looked back at her.

"His name was Isaac." I said. "How did you meet him?" My mother asked. "His wolf hybrid Venom led me back to his house." I said. My mom's eyes widened. "And you went in?" She asked. "Yes, he was nice, and it was refreshing to have someone who sees me for me not my disease." I said.

"You followed a wolf hybrid?" My mom asked changing the subject. "Yes." I said. "Those are dangerous animals." My mom said. "He was friendly. He didn't scare me." I said as I flipped the quesadilla a few more times before taking it off.

I took out the pizza cutter and began to cut it before putting them on the side. And then I set the sour cream next to the slices before going to sit at the table. My mother followed me as she ate her sandwich she had made herself and watched me.

"What?" I asked. "I know you won't like doing this, but we have to get you signed up for your doctors." My mom said and I frowned. Because I didn't like it. I spent my entire life being poked and prodded at I wanted to live just a normal few days.

And then I remembered Isaac's offer. "I'll offer you a deal mom." I said and she raised her eyebrow at this. "If I can spend time with Isaac today, I'll go willingly to the doctors and won't be a bitch. But you have to let me spend time with Isaac today." I said.

My mom seemed conflicted. "If you don't, I will be one." I said. "Fine." My mom said and I couldn't help the grin that spread across my face at the thought of spending time with Isaac. Sure I didn't know him all that well, but he seemed like a good person.

And this was the perfect chance to get to know him. I knew that well. The thought of having the taste of a normal life was at reach. And my mother even agreed to it. Having to deal with a doctor would be worth having just a small sliver of a normal life.

I would put up with it and behave myself to get the taste of a normal life that I craved since I had been diagnosed with my heart disease. And it was at my grips. And I was going to seize it. So with a smile I followed my mom out.

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