hey! So i read the the last two Hunger Games last week after I read the first one in a day about 2 months ago! And it inspired me to write a fanfic since I'm in love with it!!

Chapter 1

‘Lyra, wake up,’ my mother shook my gently and I opened my eyes slowly, acting like I had slept well. Truth is I never slept well before this day. Not before the Reaping.

Sat around the table you could feel the nerves. My mother was quiet as usual, but my father wasn’t cracking his usually jokes and my two siblings ate silently and sensibly. Once we had finished my dad collected up the plates that had held the fresh bread and fruit we’d eaten and we were shooed into our rooms to get ready.

I shared a room with Tauri and Kaitos had his own, being the boy. Sometimes I’d think about complaining about the arrangement since surely the two youngest should share but then I’d think back to the poorer end of District 6, the people who were forced to share a bed with their sibling and a room with the whole family. Any thoughts of complaining left my mind then. My reaping outfit lay on the bed, a cream shirt and brown skirt, and the cream lace up shoes at the foot. I quickly put it on, trying not to crease it before turning to help my sister into her pale blue dress.

‘Lyra, I’m scared,’ she whispered.

‘Don’t be,’ I told her, if only it was that simple.

‘I can’t help it,’ she sniffed and I wrapped my arms around her.

‘Your name is in there once. Look on the bright side, at least our parents weren’t victors,’ I told her. ‘It must be terrifying for them, having their name enter twice as many times,’ I said soothingly and she nodded. ‘And mother and father have good jobs, none of us have to sign up for tesserae do we?’

She shook her head. ‘There’s 100,000s of entries and we are on just three? What are the odds? Come on now, chick, let me do your hair,’


We walked down to the Square together, spending the last moments we knew we would definitely be together for together. In the Square the usually happy atmosphere was grim, knowing that two families would be going home and grieving tonight, knowing that the children were almost certainly going to die in the next few weeks. Us in District Six where we were never taught any weaponry skills were never any match for Career Tributes who were taught how to us a spear and sword from an early age.

I kissed my mother on the cheek and hugged my father as we were herded into the right places, me in the 15 year old girls, Tauri just behind me in the 14 year old girls and Kaitos near the back, only 12 years old and his very first Reaping. There was a quiet murmuring among the crowds, no one louder than a whisper until a well-dressed woman with pale pink skin adorned with white tattoos across her cheeks and forehead which shimmered. Gianna King from the Capitol. She was the young woman who would help prepare the two poor souls, one male and one female to prepare for the Games, along with Draco Oreilli, our latest Victor. He won the 52th Hunger Games only 7 years ago. He was merely 23 and one of the best Mentors possible, the younger ones were the best. Some districts, like District 12, had it worse. They were the winners of the 27th Hunger Games and hadn’t won since so their mentor was over forty now and, in a place like District 12, from what I’d seen, that was old. Most people there were dying young, from infections that couldn’t be cured or other problems, most likely starvation. But I guess the wealth from winning would raise your life expectancy.

At precisely 2pm the mayor stood up from the chair and walked to the podium containing a microphone. He coughed slightly before beginning to read the familiar story. Not many listen to this anyone. Everyone over 12 can recite it in their sleep now. It’s the same every year in every district. The story of how Panem came to be. It used to be a place called North America but it was ravaged by droughts, storms, fires and other disasters before much of the land was slowly devoured by rising seas. A war followed this, fighting for the small amount of land that remained. A war which was won by us and Panem was created. The Capitol surrounded by thirteen districts which each specialized in a different item. But then the Dark Days came, when those thirteen districts rose up against the controlling powers of the Capitol. But Capitol defeated twelve of them and destroyed the thirteenth one, the strongest, most uncontrollable one. The Treaty of Treason was formed, guaranteeing peace for the districts and giving us the Hunger Games. They reminded us yearly of the Dark Days and how they should never been repeated.

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