Winn Schott- Goodbye (c)

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Being in love with your best friend was something you never thought you'd experience, but you certainly never knew how hard it would be on you. Winn and you had been friends since school, having moved on into your own fields of work, but having stayed friends through it all. You'd gone to medical school whilst he got an internship at CatCo, getting a career from it, you however had part time job after part time job just to get you through school. Nevertheless, no matter what life threw at the two of you, you were both best friends, even if you wished there was something more.

You had always been completely honest with each other, until now. You had a secret you were holding from him, not just that you were in love with him; you were uncertain how you would ever tell him.

Instead of worrying about it though, you'd planned a day of fun, going back to what you had loved from your childhoods. It'd been a couple of weeks since you'd gotten time together, so you'd booked his day, to go to the local park and have a picnic. The weather was supposed to be good, so it seemed perfect.

The two of you lay out your tartan blanket, with your basket of various snacks and goodies you both loved. You ate as much as you both could before falling back into the grass together watch the clouds float above you.

"That one looks like a cat," you stated pointing to one of the clouds overhead.

Winn shook his head, disagreeing with you.

"No, it looks like a broom," he laughed. "A weird shaped broom."

You rolled your eyes, pointing to a different cloud. "What about that one?"

"Obviously a Christmas tree," he said as though it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"You must be daft," you sighed. "It's clearly a porcupine."

The two of you joked and had fun, making shapes out of the clouds until the blue sky begun to fall dark.

"I had a really great day," Winn smiled, helping you fold the blanket back up to put into the basket for you to carry home.

"It was really nice," you nodded.

You pulled him into a hug goodbye. If only he knew how much of a goodbye it was. Without him noticing you slipped an envelope into his pocket. Although you'd been ever so excited about your future, you couldn't tell him. Tomorrow you were moving to New York to be a doctor, having finally found a job in your field, now that medical school was done, but you couldn't tell him in person. You couldn't actually say goodbye. In the letter you explained everything and why you couldn't tell him. Also, you told him of your love, the other fact you could have never have told him in person.

"I'll see you next week," Winn smiled.

"Yeah," you nodded, trying to not let him know of your lie. "See you later."


Written by Charlotte.

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