Winn Schott- Fear (c)

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Although you were Kryptonian, you were nothing like your sister or your cousin. You weren't Supergirl or Superman, you were just you, pretending to be a normal human without any form of crime fighting. Once upon a time, you did, you were a hero like your sister, fighting by her side as an unstoppable team, but no one knew what happened to your superhero persona and you doubted anyone would ever see you in your spandex suit and cape ever again.

You were sat in your boyfriend's apartment watching the news when Kara, your sister, appeared on the screen as was common. This time however there seemed to be a struggle in her fight, the villain equally as powerful as her, and for the first time ever you were worried about your sister.

"She's getting hurt," Winn stated, sat at the edge of his seat.

"She can do it," you said with false hope in your voice.

Kara was the strongest person you knew, physically and emotionally. She was a far better person than you were, but this was the first time you weren't sure if she would prevail.

"You need to help her," Winn exclaimed as you both watched Kara be knocked to the floor, struggling to fight back.

You shook your head, rising from your seat. You swore you'd never fight crime again, you'd never use any of your powers again. You couldn't do it.

"I can't," you stated. "You know I can't."

"You always say you can't but this time, you are needed. Kara is in trouble and you're the only one who can help her."

Your head shook again.

"I can't do it."

Winn could see the fear on your face, as your arms were wrapped around yourself. You feared using your powers, you feared ever doing anything like your sister, even though once you did enjoy it.

"Why can't you?" He frowned raising his voice. "You always say you can't, but you never tell me why."

"I killed a child," you snapped. "I killed a poor innocent child because I couldn't control myself in a fight. I can't put people in danger again."

He gave you a gentle smile, approaching you to wrap his arms around you. Winn kissed the top of your head.

"I'm sorry Y/N. I know you're scared but I believe in you and Kara needs you right now. I love you Y/N. Please help your sister," he whispered.

You sighed. You had to put your fear behind you, to assist your sister. You loved her so much, you never wanted to see her hurt but she wasn't going to win this fight on her own. Ripping your shirt off you revealed your costume that you had always worn just in case it was needed.

"I need to save my sister."

With that you fled to the window, unsteady in the air but determined to save your sister.


Written by Charlotte.

Tumblr Request.

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