Chapter 65

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A hard frame slammed into mine, both of us flying onto the forest floor, only a millisecond before the bark on the tree right behind my head exploded all over. Drogo waited only a second, covering my body with his, before he pulled us up to take cover behind the nearest trunk of a tree. My wide eyes looked over to see Sebastian, in his human form, hiding behind another tree, crouching down; no tree could have protected him in his wolf form, it was too large. Drogo's back was up against the tree, his arms wrapped around me, holding me back against him tightly. And then we heard and felt them; pounding hooves, covering the forest floor, heading in our direction.

So this was how the Templars had done it. Take out as many as you could with a sniper and then use that sniper to hold them in place, while the mounts closed in on an attack. Genius. Bloody brilliant. We were so screwed. Another shot rang out, clipping the tree that Sebastian was hiding behind, spraying chunks of bark into his face. How were we going to get out of this one? Drogo pulled out his cellphone but there was no service, this deep in the woods. We were on our own. My mind worked rapidly. I sent out a great high-pitched whistle out into the surrounding forest. It drew the attention of the sniper, who sent another shot out to explode bark off of our tree, but it also drew the attention of my Dobermans. Drogo's hold on me tightened as he leaned me away from the shot as it hit our tree.

I sent my dogs a mental command to search and attack the sniper, who was hiding farther down the way from us. The mounted Templars were almost upon us, so I urged the dogs to hurry. "Up, Little Thing. Now," Drogo commanded me with a firmness in his voice as he pointed up the tree. "No arguing, Sasha. Go," he said, as he saw I was about to contradict him. I gave him a quick kiss and scurried up the tree, being careful to remain hidden from the sniper's crosshairs. I looked down and saw Drogo motioning to Sebastian about attacking the approaching Templars. I heard my dogs find the sniper, attacking him ferociously, tearing him from his rifle, just as the first mounted Templars reached us.

Drogo sprang from a crouching position onto the nearest Templar, shredding him, before pouncing on the next one, tearing him from his horse. At the same moment, Sebastian practically exploded into his wolf form, attacking the closest Templar to him, taking him down mount and all. I was surprised at how few there were; only six. Hank's description was that there had been over a dozen in the raiding party that had attacked them. I wrapped my legs around the trunk of the tree and started using my magic to aid Drogo and Sebastian, watching their backs, even flinging one Templar hard into the trunk of a tree after he tried to stake Drogo. Drogo had warned me in his mind to just stay where I was; he didn't want me anywhere near armed adult Templars who knew what we were. Always my protector.

Sebastian took down another mount and rider just as Drogo was finishing off the one I had flung into a tree. I flung a branch at the last Templar, trying to knock him off of his mount but he somehow managed to dodge the branch before taking off into the trees, as fast as his mount could fly. He had a minute's head start as Drogo and Sebastian finished off their last victims. Both turned to run after him, giving chase; he couldn't be left alive because he knew our identities and what we were. They had to go after him but Drogo warned me to stay in my tree until he got back; he didn't want me taking chances right now.

Just as they disappeard from sight, my ears picked up the sounds of more thundering hooves coming our way. Shit. I peeked around the trunk I was clinging to, to see another six Templars come riding up to the new graveyard down below me. "Were did they go? I was hoping to catch the second wolf to interrogate, alongside the other we have prisoner at the holding grounds already." Lucas. I gasped, making them freeze and listen. I held my breath, not wanting to give away my position. My brilliant idea to remain quiet, fell apart the moment four more of the Templars took off in the direction that Drogo and Sebastian had taken. They were going to take them by surprise and the image of them being shot down had me screaming, "No!"

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