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"Listen, Joy," Wendy sighed dramatically, "I really don't know how else to put this..."

Joy was beginning to feel nervous as she listened to her best friend's words. She had gone to hang out with her at lunch but instead of Wendy letting her sit down, she'd stood up and gained the whole canteens attention by making her words loud and clear. Now everyone's eyes were on the two, wondering what was happening because they couldn't mind their own business. "Put what?" Joy asked as her eyes shifted around the room. A table of boys was to her right and she could feel their eyes on her, making her feel extremely self-conscious.

"We can't be friends anymore," Wendy explained, "well, it's not that we can't, it's just I don't want to be your friend anymore."

Joy's heart stopped as she heard the girl she had grown up with say those words. "What?" She frowned, "why?"

"I've found new friends. Irene and Seulgi are a lot better than you are at being a friend," Wendy shrugged and the table of boys made loud 'ooooh,' sounds. Wendy smiled at them and Joy glared before looking back at Wendy.

"I'm sorry, but you're the one telling me I can't be your friend! You can't say anything about people being 'better friends,'" Joy shot back, suddenly overcome that her best friend, or ex-best friend, would embarrass her like this. The table of boys shouted things like 'burn!' and 'savage!' but Joy didn't pay attention, "your acting like a bitch from a high school movie!"

Wendy narrowed her eyes before speaking again, "listen, I don't want to be your friend anymore so fuck off. Go be a loner or find a new group of friends, I couldn't care less, just leave me alone!"

"Fucking bitch," Joy mumbled before spinning on her heel and starting to walk off.

"You can hang out with us, baby!" A boy shouted from the table where they had been watching the argument.

"Fuck off!" Joy shouted at the top of her voice and stuck up her middle finger at them. She stormed out of the dining hall before she could hear the boys reply with any comebacks or catcall her like they usually did.

She didn't have any other friends to go to. Wendy was the only friend she ever had and even though she knew Wendy wasn't a good friend, she had nobody else to go to so she stuck with her. That was until Wendy found Seulgi and Irene anyway. They seemed like nice people until Wendy corrupted them and turned them into horrible people as well. Joy didn't know where to go so she walked onto the field. Barely anyone went on the field except the first years so she didn't expect anyone to notice her. She found a tree, threw her bag onto the dirt and then threw herself down as well. She hit the group with a thump and the tears that had been threatening to spill since she left the canteen finally did.

At first, they were quiet tears, gently falling down her face and almost unnoticeable to anyone passing by unless they looked closely. As Joy thought over what had happened, the tears started to come heavier though. She tried to wipe them away with the sleeve of her school blazer but they came back twice as much. Small sobs began to escape from her lips and her mascara made black streaks down her face. She couldn't contain it anymore. She pulled her legs up to her chest and started to sob loudly. The first years who noticed soon rushed away, not wanting to be near the strange girl who was crying under a tree.

A girl in the year below Joy had been sitting under a different tree, opposite the one Joy was under. She had headphones in and was drawing in a sketchpad but she soon noticed the crying brunette when she heard a bunch of 12-year-olds run past laughing and pointing at her. "Hey, you shouldn't laugh at people because they're sad!" The girl who was called Yeri shouted at the kids.

"Yeah, ok, mum!" A tall boy laughed, thinking what he said was the most hilarious thing ever.

"Twats," Yeri mumbled as they ran off again. She packed away her notebook and pencils before walking off in the direction that the boys had run in. She stopped when she reached an area that the school's gardener worked hard on maintaining. It was fenced off so the school kids couldn't ruin it but Yeri found it easy to pick the lock with her bobby pin. Once the gate was open she looked at all the beautiful flowers and had to make a quick decision about which ones to pick. She decided upon the red roses. They reminded her of the crying girl's red backpack and red lipstick that was technically banned by the school but somehow she got away with wearing it.

She let the gardening area before anyone saw her and walked back over to the tree where she had seen the crying girl. She was sobbing so much that it hurt Yeri to watch. "Hey," Yeri tried to gain the girl's attention as she sat down next to her. Joy didn't reply so Yeri spoke again, "hello?"

"What?" Joy spat as she looked up at the younger girl. Her brows were knitted together in a frown and mascara was smudged on her face but Yeri could see that she was beautiful. The red lipstick still looked perfect and so did everything else about the sad girl.

"I picked these for you," Yeri explained as she held out the roses, "I saw you were sad and I hoped they might cheer you up at least a little bit."

Joy's eyes went wide and she hesitantly reached out to accept the beautiful flowers. "You picked these for me?" Joy questioned, "why?"

Yeri shrugged, "I don't like seeing people sad."

Joy turned them around in her left hand and tried to wipe away her messy mascara with her right hand. It didn't work. "Thank you," Joy finally said.

"Do you want to talk about it? I'm a stranger so it might be easier to talk about what is making you sad with me," Yeri offered.

Joy chuckled, "it's fine."

"It doesn't look fine," Yeri raised an eyebrow, "I won't judge. Promise."

Joy took a deep breath before talking again, "it's just that my only friend just told me that she doesn't want to be my friend anymore because she found better friends. She told me in front of the whole canteen and it was really embarrassing. I also don't have any other friends and I'm going to be a loner now."

Yeri gave her a sympathetic look, "I'm sorry."

Joy shrugged, "I knew something like this would happen eventually."

"She doesn't sound like she deserves to be your friend, you know? She sounds horrible."

"Oh, she is!" Joy admitted, "and she is the biggest bitch ever. I wish I had grown up with someone better than her."

"Well, I've also lost my only friend so you're not the only loner," Yeri smiled.

"Really? What happened?" Joy asked. She looked at the younger girl before remembering her face was a mess and looking back at the rose in her hands.

"She died last Christmas. On Christmas day actually. She was in a car crash," Yeri explained.

"Oh, that's awful. I'm so sorry," Joy looked up at the young girl with shock on her face.

Yeri smiled and Joy didn't know how she managed to. "It's ok." Yeri sighed and looked up at the clouds, "you know, you don't have to be alone. If you wanted you could be my friend."

"You want me to be your friend?" Joy laughed, "the girl you found crying under a tree with mascara running down her face?"

Yeri nodded, "of course."

Joy smiled and twirled the rose around between her fingers again. "I'd love to be your friend, uh..." Joy realised she didn't know the girl's name.


"I'd love to be your friend, Yeri," Joy smiled brightly, "my name is Joy, by the way."

"I'm happy we're now friends, Joy," Yeri chuckled, "now you can make your old best friend jealous because you have a totally cool new one!" She joked and Joy started to laugh.

"I think we're going to be great friends."

"I think so too."


I'm sorry, Wendy. Love u.

Anyway, of course they end up dating later on but... I'm not writing anymore lmao.

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