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Hey guys so as you probably know there's been soooo many changes!
- leaky lake cube is nonexistent now1!!1
-the skull trooper was out
-balloons are now in the game
-heavy AR is coming
-guns have been removed
-new back bling challenges/Lil'Kev (go check em out!)
soooo that's like 6 new things in Fortnite! sorry i missed the skull trooper in the shop (i didn't get it btw) but anyway the most important thing that's happened is the Leaky Lake/cube change. i saw it in game and it was sickkkk. for those who didn't see it; the cube basically exploded and all players were put into this parallel universe thing and a rift butterfly landed on your skins finger and you landed again. when you landed there was no island left and now most of Leaky Lake is covered in grass. does this mean no more cube? my theory is that it's been thrown into the parallel universe and maybe one day it will return via portal???

so there is also some new guns coming and some going. out with the old and in with the new type stuff. the new heavy AR is coming but it is replacing the semi auto sniper rifle (rip to the noobs who used it), dual wield pistols (fat rip) and the guided missile launcher. speaking of new items, the balloons have been in the game for awhile now and they allow you to travel up to the sky and eventually come back down (you take fall damage if you pop them all from a high area)

there are some new challenges for a back bling called Lil'Kev. they are fairly simple. you have to play 15 matches, get 5,000XP and outlive enemies in solo mode (i think 🤔). i will grind it out, the back bling is pretty cool ❄️.

comment if there's anything i missed and let me know your thoughts on the cube going!! if you ever wanna play fortnite with me hit up my xbox gamer tag: IzzyGaming2016

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