Capture The Flag

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Capture the flag will be done in two parts. This is part one. Don't hate me at the end. No one is going to die.

Tris' POV

Tonight I take my time pulling my hair back into a ponytail and doing up my black jacket. Initiation was nothing new or special today. We just fired guns and went back to the fights. The final fights are tomorrow and I'm so relived. Then we go to the simulations and fear landscapes. I am nervous about those though. Do we have Divergents? I'm terrified to find out. I'm soon ready. I lock my apartment and go to meet Tobias at his. He had a meeting. He emerges from the door as I reach him. "How was the meeting Mr Important?" I say, nudging him with my elbow. He sighs annoyingly. "That bad?" I fake gasp. He chuckles slightly. An improvement. A comfortable silence follows us to the train tracks. All of the initiates are here plus Eric. This year there will be three teams, not two. Eric, Tobias and myself are the leaders. Soon I hear the train come and see it's light. We all jump into the same train car and the initiates gather around us three. They all look excited, tired and nervous all at the same time. Eric then does his speech about capture the flag and the rules and stuff. He let's me choose first, which is kinda weird. I don't argue though. "I'll take Hazel." I say, surprising everyone. Eric laughs as Hazel looks down. "Fine, whatever you want. Four." Tobias looks around at the group. "Percy." Eric rolls his eyes at both of us. "I'm not trying to lose. River." She smirks at Black Widow, who just rolls her eyes. In the end I have Hazel, Annabeth, Steve, Harry, Ginny and Augustus. Tobias chose Percy, Clara, Tony, Rose, Hermione and Ron. Eric got River, Black Widow, Katniss, Draco and Johanna. Tobias and myself have more on our team because apparently, and I quote, 'We have a sucky team and lack experience.' Spoken like a true Dauntless leader. Once everyone has their gun it's time to jump. Everyone lands on their feet now. I lead my team towards the Ferris wheel, Tobias goes to the park and Eric goes down some alleyway. Once everyone is at the base of the Ferris wheel I start. "So, ideas anyone?" I say, gripping onto the green fabric. "Can we climb?" Harry asks. "High ground?" I think about it. "Maybe, but we'll see. Four knows that I like this spot." They nod and go back to thinking. "What would he expect ma'am?" Steve asks.

"I'm sorry?" I reply, confused.

"Where would he think you would put it?"

"Up high."

"And Eric?"

"High and not near water." I say remembering my fear landscape. His seen it. Annabeth's eyes widen. "That's genius!" She squeals. I stare blankly at her. "What?" She looks at me and sighs. "Eric and Four think you'll put the flag somewhere high and inland. So they wouldn't expect you to put the flag on the ground and near water would they?" I stare at my team in awe. Geez. "Whoa, you guys are geniuses! Okay so let's do that. There's a small lake over near that forest part. Sound good?" Everyone immediately agrees. "Cool. So Steve and Annabeth come with me to guard and place the flag down. Harry stay here and be on lookout. Ginny, Hazel and Augustus should go and locate the flag. How does that sound?" Everyone agrees instantly. "Just an idea but should I stay with Harry? You know, just in case he gets shot or something." Ginny offers. I let her. I think she might also want some alone time with her crush. Well I'm guessing it's a crush. Maybe I should swap Ginny and Hazel but I trust everyone enough. "Okay everyone let's move!" I yell and everyone scatters. Hazel and Augustus run towards the Erudite buildings, Ginny and Harry stand behind the Ferris wheel and Annabeth and Steve follow me. The green flag is in my hand. In five minutes we get to the lake. It's small but still good. We look around for a bit before deciding to put the flag next to the riverbank. I'm sorry for the person who gets it. It's now covered in mud. The flag is visible, like the rules state, but still well hidden. It's perfect. The three of us then move to guard it. I'm the closest to the flag, about ten metres away. Annabeth is to my left about five metres away, behind a tree. Steve is directly in front of me but at least twenty metres away. We're well spread out but still close by. I glance at my watch. The game has begun. I'm a little nervous but I have a great team, no matter what the others might think. My fingers hover over the trigger, ready to fire if need be. Both Steve and Annabeth look super excited. I kinda am too. I watch them both for a while. Annabeth's grey eyes observe everything with care and grace, not letting one thing go unnoticed. Her blonde hair is in a loose ponytail, almost shinning around the dark and her black clothing. Steve looks like a soldier. His blonde hair is combed back neatly and just looks like a soldier. His posture is excellent, his aware of everything and is a brilliant fighter. You wouldn't even know that he is a Stiff. I think that Abnegation's that transfer here become something amazing. Tobias got a new identity and with it came first in initiation, has a good job and is amazing. I'm not that good but I did come first in initiation too. And I love my job.

When a twig snaps Annabeth is the first to reacted. A bullet flies through the air and hits the enemy on their chest. They scream in pain. The bullets aren't real, but they're the ones I used in my initiation and still hurt like hell. I realise the person is Katniss. Eric's team is on the move. "Nice work. Keep your eyes open." I say to Steve and Annabeth. Both nod. I glance over at the flag, which hasn't moved since I put it there. My thoughts drift to Hazel, Augustus, Ginny and Harry. I wonder if they're still okay. Not shot, maybe getting a flag. That's all I can hope for. After five minutes Annabeth walks over to me. "So, this is Dauntless?" she asks with a sigh. I nod and look at her. "Sure is. Why, doesn't reach your standards?" She laughs and shakes her head. "No, it's fine. I like it. Games, excitement, adventure. Exactly the opposite of Erudite." I raise an eyebrow.

"I'm sorry?" Hardly anyone mentions they're old faction, especially initiates. "Well, in Erudite it's all books and intelligence and Jeannine Mathews." we both cringe at her name then laugh lightly. "By the way, your a good trainer Six. Both you guys are. You are both perfect for each other but that's just my opinion. It's not like I'm Aphrodite, goddess of love and expert in love. I'm more Athena."

"Okay you've lost me."

"Sorry, I'm just into Greek Gods." I nod my head, even though I've never heard of them before. I'll ask Will later. His a former Erudite. Greek Gods. "So, what's with you and Percy?" I ask and she immediately blushes. "Um, nothing really. W-why do you ask?" I smirk. Obviously she likes him. "No reason. Conversation starter." She nods and goes back to her position. She is good, Annabeth. Smart but tough.

A gun fires and I look over my shoulder to see Steve and his two victims. Clara and Rose are both screaming in pain. I walk over to him. "Well done." I breathe as I examine the girls. Rose clutches her leg while Clara has both hands over her side. Two perfect shots. Steve and myself walk back to our positions. Who knows what happened to Katniss, Rose and Clara. I just hope that they went. In a few minutes I hear a faint sobbing. I ignore it, an initiate probably got shot. But it grows louder and louder. Steve and Annabeth notice it too. We look around, confused. A branch snaps to my left. I turn immediately and see a figure approaching us. The three of us hold our guns out. Then I realise, they have no gun. "Hold your fire." I tell Steve and Annabeth. I slowly approach the figure. As I get closer, I see that it's a girl with short brown hair. "Hazel?" I ask as she runs to meet me. Her hands cover her face. When she removed them, her face is red and wet. So are her eyes and clothes. Wait, why are her clothes red? "Hazel!" I say again. She calms herself down enough to speak. "S-six! It's A-a-augus-tus. His been sh-shot!" she burst into tears again.

"But that's okay Hazel. We all have guns." she shakes her head.

"No it's not o-okay. Someone swapped their fake b-bullets for real one-ones. His injured badly and has past out!" she collapses onto the ground in misery. I stand shocked. Who the hell would do that? And how?" Then I remember Augustus. His somewhere possibly dying. "Annabeth! Steve! Stay there!" I shout. They look confused but go along with it. I help Hazel stand up. "Where's Augustus?" I ask calmly. She wipes her eyes with the back of her hand. "His near the Ferris wheel. Ginny is with him." I nod.

"Okay good. Steve, go to the Ferris wheel and find Ginny and Augustus." He nods and runs. Annabeth approaches us. She takes Hazel off me and walks her over to the lake. There, she cleans the blood off her. It's beautiful to see those two girls helping each other. Before I can go over to them another gun fires. I scream in pain as something hits my shoulder. As I collapse someone screams. It's the last thing I hear as I pass out.

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