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Alright, for anyone who is not aware, this book is the first in the SECOND trilogy for the Agents series. The first trilogy does NOT have to be read understand what is going on in this one. All returning characters with be re-introduced and explained, and everything of importance from the first trilogy will be explained as well. However, should you decide you do want to read the first trilogy it is HIGHLY recommended that you do that first if you haven't already, seeing as how this will spoil several major events from the first trilogy. If you don't care about spoiling it or just don't care to read the first trilogy, that's totally fine and completely up to you. Just thought I'd give you all a heads up.

"You're forcing me to work with them and I'm telling you now that I can't do it."

"You've worked with teams before."

"Yeah, but none with a jackass in charge."


They're all a part of the biggest secret agency in the world and they've begun disappearing.

Agents have begun disappearing. Gone without a trace, only to show up weeks later. Dead.

Everly Kingston is the best agent the agency has, and now she's been put in charge of finding the missing agents and preventing more from vanishing as well.

She's forced to team up with another team of agents after one of their team members, Agent 34, vanishes during a mission. And she's none too happy about it. With one overbearing and controlling team leader, one agent who really can't focus, an agent with an all-around bad attitude, an agent who redefines the term bitch, another who's stuck trying to keep everyone from killing each other, and one agent that's best described as a sociopath, this mission is bound to be a disaster before it even starts.

Fortunately for Everly, she's got a handful of friends she can count on to help pull her out of this mess and keep her from killing her new teammates. But this mission just might be the toughest one she's ever had. She'll have to learn to put aside her differences with her new team as agents continue to disappear.

Because it soon becomes clear that the last target, the last agent to disappear, will be her . . .

***2nd Trilogy in the Agent Series. Book 1***
First Trilogy does NOT have to be read to read this one.

Also, just so you all know, this book comes AFTER the events of Catching the Storm. I'm only saying this now because a couple of the characters that show up in Catching the Storm may or may not appear in this book. So, for those of you reading Catching the Storm, try to keep this in mind because I don't want to cause too much confusion. But remember, if you have any questions feel free to ask, though I admit I don't always see the questions posted in the comments. This book also, takes place over a year after the events from Agent 1. Which of course, anything that has changed will be explained.

AUTHOR'S NOTE (I know, I know. They're boring as hell)

1. Updates will be at least once a week. I do not have a specific day that I will be updating on, but more often than not it'll likely be on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Though I do try my best to stick to this schedule, it is not always possible for me seeing as how I can get extremely busy with my college work and just work in general. So, I apologize.

2. I will do my best to inform you ahead of time if the updating schedule changes for any reason or I'm unable to update. Though sometimes I just get super busy and can't update, but I'll do my best to keep to the schedule. Once school starts up again, the schedule will likely change.

3. If I only have the time to update this story or the Agent 13 Series, I will be updating the Agent 13 series first. That is my main book series and it takes priority over this story. That's not to say I won't be updating this story often. It will still be updated as often as possible, at least once a week unless I say otherwise.

4. Feel free to leave comments on errors I may have made that I was not aware of when I posted the chapter. I do try my best to read over and catch any errors, but sometimes I do miss things.

5. I do not appreciate rude or offensive comments about my book, me, or any of the other users commenting on the story. If you do not like the book, that is your opinion and I do not have a problem with it, however, I do not need to be aware of it. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. If you do not like the story, again it is your opinion and I've got nothing against it, just stop reading it instead of making rude or offensive comments.

6. This story is Copyrighted and it belongs to me. If there is, in fact, another book out there that is similar or has the same storyline then I do apologize. I can't read every story though I have read a lot and I try my best to make sure my story is vastly different from anything I've read. If there is another story similar, feel free to message me about it. As I said before, this story belongs to me so do not copy it.

7. Also, please refrain from advertising other books on here. I realize that a lot of you are just trying to get your books out there, to get them noticed, and I do not have a problem with you advertising your stories if you ask me first. But it is kind of rude to just put your story up in mine, as it does take away from my story. I realize that no one's trying to be rude, but please just ask my permission before you advertise another story. The comments will be deleted unless I have given you my permission.

Thank-you to those of you who actually took the time to read this since I know Author's Notes can be extremely boring to have to read through. Enjoy the book!

Thanks Again,

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