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You know the phrase 'Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.'? Well, that saying has never been more relevant to a story in it's whole history. I'm Jack, I'm 17 and my job is to kill people for money. I kill criminals whose crimes have gone unnoticed, sometimes the odd murderer. Often paedophiles. You'd be surprised how many of these creeps you walk past every day. Sometimes its just people that other people don't like: those in serious debt, ex's, quite a lot of the time I get asked to murder people's family members. Its pretty messed up. I don't live in a particularly big city, but every other week Joe comes up with another guy for me to kill. I like my job. I'm good at what I do, I know how to work a gun, I know how to hold down a knife, and I could take any guy any day. I'm small, but incredibly strong and agile. If it was a fist battle, yeah, I'd probably lose, but in most circumstances whoever I'm fighting isn't prepared, so I'm able to floor them in a matter of seconds. Then it's just a matter of killing them quickly and quietly. And dumping the body somewhere. Then I go collect my money and go to my room. It's a simple process. Normally.  

It was like that until Joe gave me this boy to hunt and kill. But he wasn't like the rest. Joe didn't even give me a proper reason as to why I had to kill him. I didn't understand. He was young, my age. All I got was a picture and the school he went to. Normally I get the criminal record, birth dates, previous homes, relationships, as much information as he could gather. But this different. And Joe was definitely hiding something from me, and I was determined to find out what.

Hellooooo, it's nice to see you (Whether you know me from dA or not). Jack is Jack Howard from omfgitsjackanddean but you don't really need to know who they are to read the story. This is my first story on here, but not my first story. Not by a long stretch. 

THE QUESTION IS... should i upload a different story about that happened before all of this? 

So yis. Everything is nice and I have a lot of love for everyone<3

~ Gee xox

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