Cold water

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Aye, your first ever dare, Voodoo.

Loxo: Yay! Voodoo has a dare!!!!

Voodoo: ...So is it a must that I have to jump into a cold river?

Yes... all dares we must do without wimping out... *looks at the ground* Even if they include kissing...

Dusk: Also we will be preparing stuff to help you warm up.

Lemondrop: We already have the heat warmer...thing, warm water, and a heated blanket.

Voodoo: Aren't you all just thoughtful.

Bishop: Voodoo, We have Apple Cider, Hot Cocoa, and Tea... Do you have a preference?

Voodoo: I never tried any so...all?

Loxo: Actually it was Rose's id- OOF

*elbows him in the stomach* Shut up... Ricochet, you know any rivers around?

Ricochet: Actually... You guys remember when I came here right? 

Dusk: *nods*

Ricochet: Well earlier that day before I came here, I wasn't paying attention and fell into a river... It's quite close to here actually.

Alright, let's go there. *covers up the camera with their paw*

 *covers up the camera with their paw*

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Lemondrop: Is this the spot?

Ricochet: Yep!

Alright then... Voodoo, all you gotta go is jump.

Loxo: Wait! *sticks his paw in the water* It's not cold!!! *kicks a large bucket of ice cubes into the water*

Voodoo: .....

Dusk: Well have fun Voodoo!

Voodoo: I swear, if I die I'm haunting you. *jumps in the water*

*whispers to Bishop* Let's hope Miniature Green doesn't hold him captive down there

Bishop: *checking location on gps* ... Oh fck....

Oh fck what?

Bishop: *says nothing and shows the screen to Bloody*

.... *jumps into the lake*

Lemondrop: Classy?! Why did he jump into the lake?!

Bishop: Probably to Kill a certain elf.

An offended "Hey!" is heard off screen.

Voodoo: *comes up to the surface and gets out of the river* That....was pretty cold....

Dusk: Oh.. while you were in the water Bishop realized something..

Voodoo: Okay... before we chat about that can I warm myself up?

*jumps out of the water and shakes their fur* Okay...we're good

Bishop: So how'd it go? *tosses a blanket at Voodoo.*

Ricochet: We also need a fire..

Silence: That's easy... just ask Crescent to cook.

Are you trying to kill me?

Silence: You survived this long... what's another failed attempt at making a bowl of cornflakes gonna do?

I get my ass deported to Mexico

Bishop: ... I'm actually suprised that hasn't happened already.

Me too honestly....

Lemondrop: Classy! It's rude to joke like that!

What? Oh... I forgot we were recording. We're gonna have to cut that off that part of the video. Go ahead and do the outro Bishop. Need to warm up Voodoo.

Bishop: That's all for today, if you feel like torturing any of us, feel free. It's what some of us live for! Leave asks or dares in the comments, and have a wonderful day!

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