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You and Leah were talking with nick when someone knocked at the door, interrupting your conversation. Leah opened the door and stood back after seeing who it was, knowing they would make a special entrance.
"A house, a house, 'tis nothing but a house!" Said Daniel, wailing his arms around everywhere. Everyone started clapping but you. You just rolled your eyes and sighed, 'ugh such a drama queen!' You thought. Something had happened between you and Daniel, but you were to scared to bring it up. Besides, no one probably cares.
"It is! It's just a house!" Said Nick, clearly a little tipsy from the wine.
Everyone gathered around him, and started chatting away. Then tallulah came up to Nick and they started talking so you decided to just go sit down at the kitchen counter and drink some more of the cotton candy brandy that Jay brought. "Heyyy!" Said jay pointing finger guns. "Heyyy!" You said doing the same. "What are you doing all by yourself pretty lady?" Said jay then trying to lean on the counter but missing. You just laughed and ruffled his hair. "Wanna see a magic trick?!" Said jay with ecstatic eyes. "Always, Jay." You said with a smile. He tried to pull a rose from his sleeve but just ended up pricking his finger. "Shit!" He said sucking his finger. You just giggled and shook your head.

"That sucked, retarded faggot." Said Judd, coming out from the cupboard and hitting jay over the head with a bottle of JD. "Judd!" You said hitting his arm playfully. "Sorry dollface." He said as he pecked you in the cheek. You sat there shocked. Judd. Judd birch. Just kissed your cheek! You stood there for a moment before blushing madly. "Ooo, YN likes Judd..." Said Jay, wiggling his eyebrows. "Shut up jay!" You said whilst hitting his arm.
"Ow man!" He said, mocking hurt. You both laughed as you went to carry on with the party.
You decided to go and talk to Leah, however you couldn't find her. You asked tallulah where she was but she didn't know. You just sighed and plopped onto the sofa. "What's wrong Dollface?" Asked a voice from the vent above. "Judd?!" You asked, looking up. Judd crawled down from the vent and sat next to you, his arm draping around your shoulders. He squeezed them, asking again, what was wrong. "This party's just kinda boring and I can't find Leah anywhere!" You said sinking into the sofa and, without knowing it, leaning into Judds arms a little. "I think she may have gone upstairs with... uh... Damien? Dustin? Danny?" Judd asked.
"Oh." You started. "Daniel." You finished. Tensing up whilst shifting in your seat. All of a sudden you heard stomps coming down the stairs. It was Leah. "Hey what's wrong?" You asked looking up at her. "Don't worry YN." She said with a kind but sad smile. Then, Daniel kicked the cups off of the counter and announced that we were going to play charades. Nick went up and did Beyoncé. It was rather easy to guess.
The whole time, Judd has his arm around your waist. You leant into his touch naturally.
Next it was Leah, she looked PiSsED oFf and started doin weird actions. But then it clicked! She was doing Daniel when he Head Pushes!
"Daniel! Your Daniel!" You said shouting. Leah touched her nose and pointed at you. Saying you were right.
Everyone looked confused until more Girls spoke up. Eventually, you did too. "Daniel did the same to me, after lesson he kissed me and head pushed me. I was too scared to talk about it because I had told him to stop but the SON OF A BITCH DIDNT!" You said sighing a sigh of relief from getti it off of your chest.
"That fucking Dickhead." Whispered Judd under his breath. "First YN now my sister?!" He said, getting angrier. "I'll be right back." He said with a peck on your cheek. You blushed yet again. Daniel started to walk off when nick went upto him. Nick then threw up in his beanie and gave it to Leah. Leah put the hat back on Daniels Head, coveting it in Nicks, coffee ground and cotton candy brandy vomit. Everyone got out side the door. Watching Daniel go to his car when everyone realised, his tyres were slashed. You knew exactly who had done it and  smiled to yourself. Judd then appeared with a knife in his hand. "Judd! How did you know which car was his?" You asked looking up into his eyes. "I didn't." He said and after that everyone looked around and saw every car's tyres deflate.
You grabbed Judd's face and smashed your lips onto his, fireworks exploding in your stomach. Everyone awed and Leah giggled and smiled.
"Thank you, Judd."
"Your welcome, Dollface."

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