He followed behind me, I spotted my mom, Royalty and Chris in the kitchen.

Chris was sitting at the island and Royalty was over at the counter with my mom.

"What are y'all doin'?" I said

"I'm mixing her hot chocolate— well she's helping me mix it." My mom said

"Oh okay, well dad here is Chris, my boyfriend. And, there is Royalty, his daughter." I said

"Awww, nice lil family. You treatin' my daughter right?" My father said and raised an eyebrow, with a slight smirk.

"You know I am." Chris replied

"That's all I need to know, you into basketball games?" My dad asked

"Most definitely, I forgot the game came on today." Chris said and stood up

"The warriors in the lead right now." My dad said

"That's what I'm talkin' 'bout." Chris said and went ahead into what he assumed was the living room.

My dad spoke to Royalty and gave her a high five, "Ay, Chris, you drink beers?" My dad yelled to the living room.

"Occasionally." He replied

My father grabbed two out of the refrigerator.

"I like him." He said to me, winked and went into the living room.

I smiled to myself, that's all that matters. I went to my car to go get my phone charger and bring in majority of our bags.

I wasn't outside for no longer than 5 minutes. When I came back in, I seen Anaya all in Chris's face while he stood in the hall near the front door, he was just looking at her.

"Who is this?" Anaya smiled when she seen me.

"I'm sure he introduced himself." I said

"Not to my recollection." She replied

Chris squinted his eyes at her.

"That's my boyfriend, Chris." I said, emphasizing boyfriend.

She sized him up, "Mm, okay. He nice." Anaya said and went into the kitchen, switching as hard as she could.

I rolled my eyes and grabbed Chris's arm, taking him upstairs to my room, seeing that Royalty was still occupied with my mom.

My mom doesn't have any grandkids so you know she's all over Royalty.

I pulled him inside and closed the door.

"She's why we need to stay at a hotel." I said

"I know" He said and plopped on my bed.

"What was she doin' in your face, anyway? Like was she asking you questions." I said while I picked up the stuff I left out the last time I was here.

"I was on my way to the kitchen to see what Ro was doing while it was half time, she ran and stumbled down the stairs, stopping me. She asked who I was and I told her I was yo boyfriend and I'm here with you, I even told her my name. That's why when she said she couldn't recall me tellin' her who I was, I just had to look at her like she lost her mind." Chris explained

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