Chapter 19: Education Fluctuation

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The school trip was cut short. After hearing the news about what happened at the school, they had to come back to deal with the situation. Reports appointed a broadcast since this is not just any ordinary situation– what humans believed to be a myth turned out to be real.

Since the trip's only to Japan, they didn't take more than 3 hours to be back in school. All students were asked to gather at the assembly hall immediately after dropping off their things at their dorms but those who don't use dorms just brought their bags with them.

Students who didn't join the trip seemed to be unaware of the situation– except for the three of course, until the guards came to knock on each of their doors earlier this morning. Imagine being waken up at 5 in the morning to find out that ghouls are real and one was their schoolmate.

The school guards all made sure to secure their positions where they could see the children and can actually protect them if trouble comes, or so they think. Everyone who's part of the school's adult club is currently having their hairs standing at the ends. None of them had seen a real-live-ghoul and the news was a first to them. At the very moment, all they can think of is the safety of the children in the school and themselves.

Reporters gathered around as well. SKZ University is a known school in Seoul and the news is very contemporary.

The principal went up the stage and held the mic as she stares at the people gathered in front of her down the stage, as if she's making sure that she had grasped their attentions.

"I'm sorry for the early call and for cutting the trip short. Unfortunately, we have an emergency to put all of our attention to," the principal started, looking at the crowd intently. "A very unexpected one."

Jinwoo stood beside Hyunjin. She apparently looks anxious. She's cynical about what the principal might say. No one would like to keep their school open and inviting for ghouls to rip their students' fleshes out, right?

Seungmin arrived just in time. He stood beside his hyung as soon as he enters the crowd and spots him beside Jinwoo.

Hyunjin noticed him and started to get anxious as well. He's thinking about what Woojin and Minho said. Should he really join the hunters? Is it for the best? Is he capable?

He also finally seemed to notice Jinwoo's twiddling so he grabbed her hand. He flashed her a soft, warm smile when she faced him, mouth agape.

"Everything's going to be okay, all right? Calm down." Jinwoo simply nodded and faintly smiled at him.

"Something...apalling– recently had just happened," the principal said. "Precisely just last night while some of you were asleep in your own dorm rooms and while most of us are having fun in Japan."

The principal also seems skeptical about what she has to say that she takes long pauses. "We've been studying about demonic creatures called ghouls, in belief that they're merely a myth."

The area started to be filled with murmurs about the ghoul. The students from the trip weren't informed about what actually happened in the school that they had to come back immediately.

"Last night our transfer student, Ha Hyejoo, passed away."

The oblivious students all gasped, some even started sulking despite not being close to her. Everyone noticed the sudden difference in her attitude and they all are aware that she was sick.

"She was the ghoul who attacked our student, Jung Jinwoo."

He pursed his lips and took a deep breath before continuing. Most students are stealing glances at Jinwoo already and that made her feel more uncomfortable.

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