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Longford and I had just got back after slaying a couple of Valentine's experiments near a small flowershop downtown.

I walked in, finding Alec in a call. He wrapped an arm around my waist when I neared him as he puts his speaker on phone.

It was Jace.

"Something weird's going on, Alec." Jace said over the line.

"We have reports of violent Downworlders all over Manhattan." Alec told him. "Aldertree dispatched every Shadowhunter we have to stop the attacks."

I sighed. "I have a bad feeling about this."

"Ames?" Jace asked.

I nodded, even though he couldn't see me. "Yeah. And by the Angel, Jace, it's crazy. I just got back, actually. Yet it seems it didn't matter. There are more. And all of them are horrible."

"We couldn't dispatch more," Alec said frustratingly. "That would leave the Institute unprotected."

"Well, undispatch them." Jace suggested.

I clicked my tongue to the roof of my mouth. "We can't. We can't just ignore the attacks."

"I think it's Valentine." Jace said.

I rolled my eyes. "Who else would it be?" My arms wrapped themselves around Alec's torso as I sighed, feeling comforted just by his warmth. "Jace, just, be careful."

"I promise, Ames."

With that, he ended the call. Then suddenly the alarm blared, making me flinch and let go of Alec.

"I thought these wards were airtight." Aldertree asked, walking in. "How many soldiers are here?"

"Only two dozen." I replied glumly. "Everyone else is out dealing with the Downworld attacks."

Alec tapped on the screen. "I'll take the entry with Longford." 

"We'll cover the weapons room, then." I said. Although I personally didn't like Aldertree, the circumstances were different.

"Valentine's work?" He asked.

"Who else?" I asked exasperatedly. I watched them put on their holsters before grabbing their weapons.

I tied my hair up, and immediately felt cool air at the back part of my neck, or maybe because I was nervous as hell.

Alec pulled me into a kiss, a kiss that made me forget my surroundings for a second. A kiss that told a message, and I knew he was scared not only for us, but for the Downworld as well.

His green eyes found mine, as he kissed me one last time. "I love you."

I exhaled deeply, heart beating so loud and fast I thought it might combust. "I love you, too."

That's when I turned towards the direction of the weapons room, crossbow ready and wishing that this will be over soon.

• • •

I panted, fishing for my phone and called Alec. It went to voicemail. "Alec, we don't know how many they are. There was a fight, and I lost Aldertree. Just, stay safe. I love you."

Footsteps echoed across the room and I turned towards the remaining. We had lost two during the fight awhile ago, unfortunately.

"Blades ready," I ordered. The others sheathed their blades as another wave of Circle members poured in.

One came at me as I deflected the blade before I jabbed my elbow against her face, and slashed at her stomach.

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