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/A/N: Happy Diwali guys. May this festival of lights bring lot of happiness in your life.

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"Have you gone mad?" I yelled at him as soon as I stepped out of my house.

"You don't look that bad." He looked at me from top to bottom.

"What!" I tell you it took all my willpower to control myself from punching him. Here I was yelling at him and he just ignored it. Like seriously! He is calmly leaning on his car and looking at me.

"Manik. Why did you call me?" This time I asked in a calm tone. OK I at least tried.

"We are going to a club." He said calmly.

"What do you mean by WE?" I pressurized the word 'we' hoping that he didn't mean me and him.

"Me and you." He said and shrugged. Hell no.

"No I am not coming." I denied and turned around to leave but I felt a hand grab mine. "I am not asking you. I am telling you." He said in his not so sweet voice.

I slightly turned my head and looked at his hand which was on my wrist and then I looked at him. "And what makes you think that I will do whatever you tell me to? Who are you to me?"

"I am your soon-to-be-husband." His voice held authority. Like seriously! What does he think of himself?

"My Mr. soon-to-be-namesake-husband I am not coming with you." I fake smiled as I yanked my hand free from his grip. But I regretted it the very next moment as I was pulled into a back hug.

My breath hitched, my body stiffened and my heartbeat increased. I could feel his hot breath fanning against my neck, giving me a jittery feeling. We were very close and by close I mean very close.

Why was my stupid heart beating so hard for this jerk?

I wriggled, trying to get out of his grip but it was way too tight. "Leave me Manik." I said, trying hard to keep my breathing normal.

But he just tighten his hold even more. At one point I feared that he could hear my heart beat.

"You are coming with me." With each words that he spoke, I could feel current flowing down my spine as his hot breath fanned against my neck.

"No I am not." My voice trembled. This shouldn't be happening.

"Yes you are." He spoke slowly, tightening his hold around me. A soft gasp escaped my lips. I can't take this proximity anymore.

"OK fine but leave me first." I said and he stepped backward, immediately taking off his hands from my waist.

But then I felt cold. Was I missing his warmth? Hell no. It's natural. It feels the same with everyone. (We will see that later 😂😉)

"Let's go." He said as he moved towards his car.

"No I am not going. You forced me to say yes. And what if you are an ex murderer or a girl trafficker?" I wasn't giving up so easily.

"Oh come on I am your soon-to-be-husband. I guess you want me to hug you once again tighter than before." He smirked and I so wanted to punch him.

"Hell no!" I said as I stepped back.

"Then shut this drama and let's go otherwise I have plan B."

"Plan B??"

"I just can ring the doorbell and ask your mum for permission to take you." Hell no. She will obviously force me to wear something traditional even if we are going to a club. And just imagine me in a traditional dress that too in a club. I will look no more less than a joker.

"OK fine I am coming." I had to give up. He knew my weak point after all but he is so going to regret taking me along. I mentally smirked as I opened the door to sit on the back seat but he blocked my way.

"Now what?"

"Sit in the front. I don't want to look like your driver."

I sighed and sat in the front seat. He always wants everything according to his will. Huff! he is so annoying. How am I going to spend my whole life with him? But it isn't like we will practically be husband and wife.

Silence filled the atmosphere and it felt so awkward.

Moments later he turned on the music and guess which song did play 'Khamosiyan'. Okay in any other situation I would have love the song but it was irking me right now.

"Khamoshiyan aawaaz hain
Tum sun'ne to aao kabhi"

Mujhe toh koi awaz nai aarahi. This silence is killing me right now and this song is irking me. I turned off the music and looked out of the window.

But again the music hit my ears and I shot a glare at him but he was busy whistling and driving. Jerk!

I lifted my hand to turn off the music but he caught my hand in between. "Don't even think about it."

"Why should I listen to you?" I snapped and struggled to reach the radio and he struggled to stop my hand but right then bang!

I was jerked in front. I looked out. Hell! His car had banged with the dustbin tin.

"Kya uss gali mein kabhi tera jaana hua
Jahaan se zamaane ko guzre zamaana hua"

This was irritating me even more. I turned off the music and shot a glare at him. He too had been glaring at me. Jerk!

"It happened all because of you." He blamed me.

"If you don't know how to drive, don't drive but don't blame me for your mistake."

"You were the one who distracted me by turning off the music."

"I didn't ask you to get distracted. In the first place you were the one to mess with me. You are so damn annoying. You know what you are an annoying jerk. You are no less than monster. You simply-" My ranting were stopped when he covered my mouth with his hand. My breath hitched and the pace of my stupid heart changed.

For the second time in a day.

"Sshhh you talk too much." Manik said. "Now let's not argue and let me drive."

He was the one to start in the first place. Monster! Jerk!

I huffed in anger and reclined on the seat. But anyway I won after that he didn't turn on the music.

After minutes of sitting in his not so comfortable car, he stopped by a club. I didn't know why he had brought me here?

"Behave properly my soon-to-be-wife." He said as he applied the brake. Like seriously! I always behave. He is the one to act like a monster.

"My Mr. Soon-to-be-husband would you mind telling me why are we here?" I asked in an extra sugary tone to which he smiled.

"My friends wanted to see you so I brought you here and do behave." He said before getting out of the car. Behave my foot. I got out of the car and banged his car door.

He glared at me and I smirked. Now I will do the exact opposite of what he says. OK I will at least try.

Once again Happy Deepawali.

Love ❤

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