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She promised you another trip, and so another trip you got. Now, the both of you were standing in a room. Dark, in fact, with the only source of light from a spotlight hanging above you. And there he was.

"Are you Ed Sheeran?" The Doctor asked excitedly, "Is he Ed Sheeran? Everyone talks about Ed Sheeran round about now, don't they?"

"Well, he does look like him," you replied, "But aren't we in the late 30th century?"

"Great question," she praised, narrowing her eyes at him, "You sure you're not Ed Sheeran?"

"No, I am not Ed Sheeran."

"Pity, I love Ed Sheeran," the Doctor gave you that pouting face, and a knowing look, "I'm still calling you Ed Sheeran."

"I am not Ed Sheeran."

The red-headed man in the spotlight had a voice so robotic, it made your hair stand on ends. Raising a brow, the Doctor moved closer to the figure to get a closer look.

You stayed a distance away, quivering slightly, "If that's not Ed Sheeran, who is it?"

Pulling her sonic out of her pocket (I love pockets!), the Doctor scanned the being. As she analysed the readings, she said, "The better question is, what's controlling it?"

A sinking feeling crept its way into your stomach as you felt the room become chillier, smaller, and possibly darker. As deafening as the silence was, it was just as fragile as the spotlight above 'Ed Sheeran' suddenly flickered.


"Don't move."

And it all went dark.

Another second passed, and two red glows of Ed's eyes stared back at you. Intensely.

You whimpered.


"I'm still here!" She called back, activating her sonic to give a soft orange glow. It illuminated her face, only slightly.

"Ed's still here! Don't-"

A loud metal clang was heard. You couldn't see, but the room definitely just got smaller. Stretching out your hand, you realised there was a wall. A wall that separated you from the Doctor.


"Don't worry! It's just a wall! Hold on, I'm coming!"

She continued talking, possibly interrogating Ed, but you couldn't hear her. Her voice was so muffled you could barely make out what she was saying.

You supposed, all you could do was wait. But it got much worse from there.

As your eyes slowly adjusted to the dark, you realised how the room seemed to be shrinking. The walls were caving in on you, like it was pushing from all four corners, squeezing you into a tin sardine. You felt the ground elevate and the ceiling lower. Pushing against the sides of the walls did nothing but seemed to make the situation worse as you slowly crouched down. It was squishing you, like some rubbish compacter.

Outside, you didn't make a sound apart from the soft whimpers and trembles. Inside, you were screaming your lungs out, wishing for it to stop.

It didn't stop there.

The soft, creepy sound of a lullaby started to play. Haunting as it may seem, it did not soothe you. It was like a music box that had no end. A melody that went on and on forever. As a child, you hated those. Greatly. It was out of your control.

The room got smaller, darker, colder and the music kept playing and got louder, faster and you couldn't take it. Your breathing quickened and that's when the tears started falling. Seconds turned into minutes, into hours into days and-

"Please stop," you choked out a sob, "Please. Make it go away."

Suddenly, the room got brighter. The air seemed to flow better. The weight on your chest was lifted. The music stopped, but something else sounded, and that was true music to your ears.

"You alright?"

Lifting your head, you find the Doctor staring right at you, concern written all over her face.


"Hello!" She broke into a wide smile, "Fixed Ed, and the room. All good! Don't worry, dude."

Behind her, you noticed the black smoke rising out of 'Ed', and the life in his eyes? Lost. They were just empty.

With nothing much to say, you embraced the Doctor in a tight hug.

"Woah, okay. Hugging. I like this," She rambled, "Didn't really did last time. But it's pretty good, yeah! I'll do this more often."

"Everything alright then?" She questioned, forcing your head onto her shoulder, not exactly sure how hugging went about after years of not doing so.

You muttered in her ear, weak, but audible, "Thank you."

"Don't thank me yet!" She said, suddenly standing up. You did the same, and she continued, "I've only disabled Sheeran, still need to find out who's controlling him."

She stood with her hands on her hips, then offered one of it to you, "Wanna go find out with me?"

The fear episode still lingered in your mind, but seeing as you didn't exactly have a choice, you took it.

Wiping your tears, you smiled back at the Doctor.

"Brilliant!" She exclaimed, "After we're done, I'll take you to the proper Ed Sheeran!"

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