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I exited the TARDIS excited to see my family.

"Here we are! 2018, back home!" The Doctor grinned at me.

I looked around confused. "Um Doc. Im not sure where we are exactly, but I don't live in a cave?"

She looked around properly. "Are you sure? I'm very rarely wrong!"

"Pretty sure. My house has carpets." I looked around the dimly lit space. "And windows."

She scanned her sonic screwdriver as I sat on a large flat rock.

"Ok. So it doesn't look like this is your house." I raised an eyebrow at this. "But I have some good news!"

"Go on."

"I haven't explored a cave in ages!"

I rolled my eyes as she looked at me pleadingly.

"Oh come on then. Let's have a look around, but then I really need to see my family and pick up some supplies!"

"Brilliant! We will head to your house straight afterwards, let's go!"

Using her sonic screwdriver as a torch, the Doctor and I walked deeper into the cave. The ceiling was higher than I could see and each step we took echoed in the dark.

I shivered at the gloominess and made sure to stay close to the Doctor.

Suddenly she stopped. "Can you hear that?"

I focused on trying to hear what she was hearing. I thought I could hear some water running.

"Water?" I asked.

"Water!" She grinned. "Come on, I think there is an exit ahead.

Without warning the Doctor began to run deeper into the cave. I struggled to keep up, panting as I ran. "Doctor!" I managed to shout out.

I could just about make out the light of the sonic screwdriver up ahead and I put on a burst of speed to catch up. It would have been ok and I would have caught up if I hadn't tripped over my own feet.

One moment I was running, the next I was on the floor eating dirt. "Owww." I moaned into the floor. I quickly checked my self over for injury, thankfully I had only grazed my right hand.

Suddenly realising my predicament I scrambled to my feet and looked for the familiar glow of the screwdriver. All I saw was inky blackness. "Doctor?" I called slightly panicked. My own echo was the only response.

"Ok. No need to panic." I reassured myself. "Look at that," I waved my hand around, "I can see my own hand! That means there is light coming from somewhere!" I took a tentative step forwards. "Come on. I can do this!"

I took another step forwards and began to panic. I could feel the walls closing in around me. I sunk to the ground and wrapped my arms around my knees, before hiding my face. The walls were constricting around me and the air was being sucked out. I was suffocating.

Hot liquid streaked down my cheeks. I was going to die in here. Nobody would ever find me. I would die alone.

My head felt like it was floating as I tried to swallow the little air I had left.

"Kokleda partha mennin clatch." A melody echoed around me. "Aroon aroon aroon. Kokleda sheena teerinatch. Aroon aroon aroon. Aroon aroon aroon..."

The tune was gentle and soothing. The tone melodic, calming. I focused on the words and gradually began to be able to suck in air again.

I rose shaking to my feet and listened.

"Aroon aroon aroon. Kokleda sheena teerinatch. Aroon aroon aroon. Aroon aroon aroon..."

Not stopping to think I allowed the song to carry my feet forwards of their own accord.

As my breathing began to normalise and I began to calm, I realised there was light ahead and a gentle breeze was ruffling my hair. I marched forwards with renewed vigour.

"Aroon aroon aroon. Kokleda sheena teerinatch. Aroon aroon aroon..."

The sound was louder now and so much closer.

I turned a corner and there in front of me was the Doctor. She met my eye and smiled gently at me, softly singing the final words of the song.

"Aroon aroon aroon."

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