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All I knew was that we were running. I didn't want to stop, and fear ran through my veins. A mix of emotions in overcame me.

"Bees." I breathed, just barely looking at the Doctor. "The main species on a planet we go to just happen to be some angry, probably killer bees!"

"I didn't think they'd be killer!" The Doctor exclaimed in response. She too, was running, making sure I was keeping up. "I thought they were just harmless, honey bees!"

"Yeah. That only makes me feel slightly less terrified." I stopped for a bit to catch my breath. The swarm of bees looked like small flying dots in the distance. What did we even do to anger them? I probably had gotten wrapped up in my thoughts because the Doctor had grabbed my hand and pulled me around the corner, into a small hut, and stood against the door.

"Hopefully this'll buy us some time," she said breathlessly. "Now what's your problem with bees?"

I sighed, trying to look around the small, tight building. "I've...uh...never been stung and I'm just afraid of what could happen, like a reaction. So I get scared around them...and wasps...and so on..." I looked back at the Doctor. "People have died from just a bee sting and I'm terrified that it could happen to me."

The Doctor sighed, looking at me. I couldn't tell what she was thinking. "Chloe," she started, "I'm so sorry I didn't check with you about that. I should've. I promise I won't let anything happen to you. If the bee stings are poisonous, we can think of a way to get away without angering the bees further."

"Thanks, Doctor," I replied quietly. "And I should've brought that up much earlier. I guess the fate of facing fears is inevitable."

Before the Doctor had any time to respond, the two of us heard loud buzzing. The swarm had caught up.

"Do you want to face your fear now?" The Doctor asked me. "If you're not ready, we could wait in here."

"I need to," I said. "I've had this fear for years. I need to at least lessen it." Part of me didn't want to go out but another part didn't want to avoid it.

"Alright." The Doctor started to move away from the door. "Whatever happens, just know that I'm here and remember to breathe. If you show that you're calm they might not attack." She pushed open the door. "Are you ready?"

"I hope so." We stepped out of the hut and the bees met us. I started to tense up but the Doctor grabbed my hand and I remembered her advice.

" any of you like jazz?" I awkwardly asked the bees as they started to circle us. I kept breathing and trying to relax. I felt the nervous adrenaline die down soon, and the bees probably sensed this, so they started to leave us alone.

Once the last bees left, I looked at the Doctor and immediately hugged her. "Thank you so much!"

"You're welcome!" She responded, hugging me back. "Are you okay."

"Yeah. I'm doing better. I definitely felt much more comfortable." The hug broke.

"I'm glad," the Doctor smiled at me. "I know that experience was a lot, so do you want to go back or explore a bit more?"

I thought for a second. "You know, I'm surprising myself by saying this, but I think I'd like to explore some more."

"Then that's what we'll do!" The Doctor and I exchanged smiles and soon, we set off, and this time, I wasn't worried about being perused by a swarm of bees.

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