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I hated holograms. Well, I didn't use to, but after what we were facing at the moment I did.

To be precise, The Doctor and I were trapped in a simulations room, but even though we both got in together, the illusions seemed to be affecting us individually. At the beginning we had mere flashes in our peripheral sight, but they started to become clearer.

"Uuh, Doctor? What we are seeing are not physical beings, right?" I was looking around while trying to stay as close to The Doctor as possible. It was the safest place, even when it was her fault we were put in this situation.

"Pretty much. You heard them. They use oxytocin hormones to feed their hospitals of energy. Which it's kind of clever really. While it may not cause the same reactions in every species, it's emotions derived spectrum can be found in a hospital." While I heard The Doctor talk, I noticed she started to look at the door we were pushed through, and everywhere around the room. I hoped she would find a way out of here.

"Yeah? And what emotions can oxytocin cause in other species? Because I'm pretty sure it's the main hormone that provokes and regulates fear in humans." The shapes in my vision had started to have a more consistent form. A humanoid one.

"Well, sadness, loneliness, guilt, anger. Mostly bad ones. Oh! There're this tree lookin' nomads whom get the equivalent of the morphine's effects when exposed to oxytocin. Still not sure if it has to do with the species being half vegetal natured." She stopped looking around.

"Doctor..." I, on the other hand, had started to freak out a little because The Doctor's voice started to get muffled under what seemed to be a gathering of people, and the humanoid shapes started to look like shadow persons walking around the place.

"Don't worry Gaal, we're gonna be fine. I hope. I'm still trying to figure out how to...leave...what do you mean by that?" as if her voice getting lower wasn't bad enough, The Doctor seemed to have switched her focus on whatever she was seeing and hearing. Although it seemed she was having a conversation, not just having flashbacks as what I understood this rooms made you have.

But oh was I wrong.

When I took my eyes away from The Doctor the scene in front of me made my heart stop for a moment. The gathering and talking of people was taking place at a funeral.

'This is fake, this isn't real.' It's what I repeated to myself as I started walking to the room the coffin was supposed to be in.

'I'm going to reach the room's wall and hit my face and I will snap out of this sooner or later.' It's what made the more sense to me at that moment.

The people near the coffin were the ones who seemed more affected by the death of whoever was inside it. But as I kept walking towards it, I realized how a bad idea it was.

'This might be an illusion, but it will hurt anyway to see. To imagine. I should and try to walk into a wall.' But my body didn't react how I wanted: it kept walking, and then stayed in front of the dead person, resting inside the wooden box.

It was my best friend. Who was almost like a sibling to me. We have known each other for more than 8 years, and have kept contact even when we went to different universities and lived apart.

'This is not real. I just talked to Alex two days ago when we were at Yas' house to pick up some clothes.' Yet my eyes were watering and a lump had formed in my throat.

I looked around, and saw faces of friends in common we had. And of her family.

'They couldn't be all togheter. Liz is in a trip with the militaries and couldn't have known or arrived in time. This is fake.' But my own thoughts were being silenced when, after turning again in hopes of looking at the coffin again to prove eveverything wrong, instead of it, a table was in front of me.

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