Some Guide

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Hey there! So... um...

I'm not even sure what this is supposed to be...

Maybe oneshots, maybe scenarios, headcanons, even. You can never know.

Mostly scenarios.

Anyways, request away. According to the rules below, of course, which might increse in number if I find something that needs clarification.

- No smut. For god's sake. I bet some characters (*cough* Lancer *cough*) are 14 at the max.

- Chronological. If these are scenarios, I will not start with dating and end with "first meetings". Hope you understand.

- Gender. You don't need to specify it. It's unneccessary, and mostly irrelevant.

- Grammar. I'm not a native speaker of the English language, therefore I might make mistakes. However, I'm improving. If I'm really, really bad, you can correct me, otherwise please be understanding.

- Character. The three basic characters are Kris, Ralsei, and Lancer. They will be around 14-ish by the way. You can request other characters too, preferably boys, since I'm not good at writing girlxreader. I can never know unless I try though.

- Request. You can request a scenario and/or a character but only in the comment section of this chapter. I might (emphasis on might) do oneshots too, if I find your plot idea convenient and inspiring. Won't make it too long though.

- That's all, enjoy.

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