1.6 | captive

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gayoung stared at the plain ceiling. her head still spinning but her memories of the day before were still clear as glass.

i have to escape.

gayoung cautiously got out of the bed she woke up in and went to open the windows and doors.

of course, it's locked.

she searchef around the room, but there were no signs of her phone anywhere.

great, i guess i'm just going to die then.

"i see you're awake, love," a feminine voice spoke up behind her. eunhye leaned against the doorframe and smiled, "good morning~"

"eunhye? why am i here?" gayoung frowned at her.

"what do you mean?" eunhye innocently smiled.

"don't play dumb with me," gayoung hissed. "what's the meaning with all of this?"

"i love you and i wanted to keep you and make you happy~" eunhye chirped. "after seeing how some people made you sad and unhappy, i just got so angry!"

"uhm then don't be angry?"

"oh, love, you're so cute~" eunhye giggled and pimched gayoung's cheek.

ow, it felt like she pinched my flesh off ew—

"ah right!" eunhye took out a key. "i have to go shopping for a bit, it's quite far though. i'm going to take a while so be a good girl and don't try to escape~"

eunhye stepped out the room and made sure she locked the door. gayoung looked out the window and followed eunhye's figure that made her way to the car.

eunhye spotted gayoung and sent her a kiss, to which gayoung dodged. eunhye giggled and drove off.

gayoung waited till eunhye had left the house and reached out of her sight. she glanced out the window once again to confirm that eunhye has indeed drove off and mentally cheered.

but she sighed once she remembered that every window and doors are locked.

since there was nothing to do, she started to search almost everywhere for her phone.

"bitch where the hell is it?" gayoung frowned.

"right here," the door unlocked and opened to reveal renjun. he threw her phone at her and to her luck she actually caught it, almost dropping it in the process.

she opened it and her phone screen lots of unread messages and miscalls— especially from jaemin and taeil. gayoung looked up at renjun only for him to nod at a certain direction.

"follow me," he said.

"and why would i?" she clutched her phone tightly in her hands. "i honestly don't know if i can trust you."

"i'm trying to help you escape my crazy ex here," he sighed and forced her up, dragging her out the room. "if you don't want to suffer around her then i suggest you leave now, i already texted your brother eunhye's house address."

"wait.. ex?"

"eunhye is a crazy bitch okay," he sighed again. "if you don't want to be bossed around by her by brutal and gruesome ways, then leave."

he handed her a piece of paper, "here's an address. it's a friend of mine who goes to our school. he lives nearby and i already informed him about what's going on."

"wait but renjun—"

"look for the whole time i was trying not to get her beat up jaemin because i know that one day you'll end up with him, i don't want you to be sad or hurt mentally or physically," he held her shoulders. his eyes teared up a bit, "this might even be the last time i see you."

"are you saying she might kill you if she knows that you let me go?" renjun nodded. gayoung shook her head, "i'm not going to let her, even though i like jaemin that doesn't mean that i don't care about you. we're going to escape together."

renjun threw his jacket over her, "no, things will get worse, she almost killed minho when he tried to escape but i stopped her. just go, gayoung."

renjun ushered her towards the door. he hugged her tightly, tears finally rolling down his cheeks, "i'll miss you, i love you."

he pulled away from her and smiled sadly, "now go, be safe. stay alive for me okay?"

gayoung nodded before hesitating to go. after seeing how desperate renjun was to help her, she finally made a run for it after bidding goodbye.

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