Chapter 64

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It had been two days since Lucas' disappearance and I was out in the woods with Sebastian, a wolf name Kyle, and Drogo, searching the area for any clues or trace of him or the Templars that had taken him. We had gotten some information that a mounted patrol of Templars was riding this section of the woods, close to the disappearance. I was curious if some of the mounted Police from the other night had actually been Templars. The woods were quiet, except for the light rustling of dry leaves on the forrest floor, as Sebastian and Kyle sniffed along the ground. My two dobermans were also sniffing around, enjoying being in the woods with us. They had been a little freaked at first introduction with Sebastian and Kyle but had calmed down and actually seemed to follow Seb around a little, now.

I wore a smile on my face as I wandered around in the woods, thinking about my return home to the manor after our Halloween party. I had been really upset about Lucas but Drogo and Peter had done their best to cheer me up on the way out of the club, promising to help look for Lucas. My anger and outrage at him being taken and what had happened to York's wolves, had propelled the other Alphas to agreeing to help with the Templars; they respected my abilities and knew that I cared about the wolves, not just my own kind. It convinced them to set aside any previous differences and to help me deal with them. I foresaw a growing bond in the international community of Mysteryspell and I was glad for it. Perhaps one day there could be strong bonds between our kinds here.

My return to the manor had been priceless, really. The brothers had insisted that I keep my wings until Nicolae could see me as I was. I laughed at them but agreed. Sebastian gave me a ride home, since I wasn't going to fit in Drogo's sports car. Drogo and Peter had left before us, wanting to drag Nicolae out so he could watch us approach from the porch. I had tucked the wings in close to my body during the ride, but released them as we slowed our approach to the manor. As Sebastian pulled into the manor's courtyard I leapt from the bike and landed in a crouched position, with my wings spread; an evil smile spreading across my face, before I looked up to the brothers who were standing on the front porch. I hissed, showing off my fangs, at them, giving Nicolae the full impact of my 'look.'

He stood up straighter and almost leaned away from me, his mouth coming open in surprise. My garnet eyes took in Drogo's smirk and Peter's mischievous face as they both watched their brother's reaction. "Gives a new take on the phrase, 'Bat out of hell,' doesn't it, brother?" Drogo asked, not taking his eyes off of me. I arched my eyebrow at him, my evil smile returning to my blood red lips. I finally stood and started walking over to them. All three brothers tracked me with their eyes. Nicolae's mind revealed that he wasn't entirely sure what to think; he found this new image of me both arousing and terrifying. "What have you three been up to?" he asked. I smiled and let his brothers' minds fill him in on the events of the night's bonfires. I watched Nicolae's eyes shift to the side as he listened in on the images and thoughts in the brothers' minds.

He was still listening but his eyes flicked to me as he watched the events of the Templar slaughter. His mind went back to the other night when I had stalked him; combining the two to bring a greater awareness of just how deadly I could be. In many ways he had always known but there is a great difference between the conscious thought of the mind and the place of instinct. I tilted my head a little as I listened in on his thoughts. I didn't take my eyes off of him, even as Sebastian had walked up behind me to wrap his arms around me in a hug, planting a kiss on my cheek. "So? What do you think, Nicolae? Is she your worst nightmare or your best fantasy?" Peter and Drogo both started laughing at Sebastian's question to Nicolae. They both looked at their brother who was looking at me, unable to take his eyes off of me. Their eyes met and they looked at Sebastian and said in unison, "Fantasy."

I laughed because their teasing actually made Nicolae go a little pink as he looked at me. I reached up and rubbed Sebastian's neck, rubbing my head against his like wolves liked to do with their pack mates and said, "Happy Halloween, Seb." He laughed, returning the snuggle, and said, "Thanks, Sash. Now I need to head home and prep that pop quiz for tomorrow. I always love to see who partied too hard the previous night and have hangovers for class. You want some help combing the woods for any clues about Lucas?" "That would be great. Your nose would be a big help, Seb, thanks," I said with affection. He gave me another squeeze and kiss and left on his Harley. I watched him go and turned back to the brothers.

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