Chapter 76: If This Goes On, Will I Just Press An Yize Down On The Bed

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Chapter 76: If This Goes On, Will I Just Press An Yize Down On The Bed And Do Him…

The check-up showed that there wasn’t anything wrong with Su Jian’s body. However, the drug could result in some side effects. An Yize did not tell Su Jian about this, lying to Su Jian that the medicine was for curing his appendicitis completely. Su Jian didn’t think much about it either. Treating it as a follow-up after the operation, he obediently finished up the medicine that An Yize gave him.

Of course, when Su Jian learned that it was Ji Yan that drugged him, he couldn’t help but be shocked. If the perpetrator was Li Feifei, he would still find it understandable. Knowing that Ji Yan actually held such malice against him, he felt horrified. No matter how he thought about it, he still couldn’t understand the reason why Ji Yan would do that. He felt even more fearful after recalling Ji Yan’s gentle and graceful image as well her sincere and warm attitude when she talked to him that night.

Su Jian was slightly unable to face the word “female goddess”. His longing for beautiful females was no longer as earnest as before.

Goddamnit! Even if I’m not as earnest for female goddesses like Queen Ji, I shouldn’t be earnest for a man like An Yize!

Su Jian has been distressed lately.

Perhaps it had been a very long abstinence, but once it was broken, Su Jian started wanting to experience it again. As a young man from the new generation, he was naturally not shy or afraid of the topic of sex. On the other hand, he felt that sex was related to the harmony of life as well as the future of humanity. He felt that it was something important. However, whether it was before or after his rebirth, the type of erotic activity he had always imagined was him and a girl as the main leads. But why is it that after he abandoned his virgin boy title, he ended up being interested in a man’s body! *Flips Table*

Su Jian didn’t notice this initially. Although it felt great doing it with An Yize, he didn’t have to intention to continue doing so with An Yize. However, when he returned home, his body felt weird for some reason when he looked at An Yize.

When he saw An Yize’s face, he would remember An Yize’s body dripping with sweat when he was moving above himself.

When he saw An Yize’s lips, he would remember An Yize slowly tasting him with his tongue.

When he saw An Yize’s collarbone, he would remember An Yize suppressing his gasp when he licked it.

When he saw An Yize’s pants… Shit! I can’t think any further!

Su Jian leaned against the wall and started scratching the wall, slightly falling apart.

“Jian Jian?” After coming out from his bath, An Yize carefully called out to him.

Su Jian turned around. When he saw An Yize who was half-naked with only a towel wrapped his bottom half, he felt like turning back around to scratch the wall again.

As the saying goes, happiness comes alone but trouble never comes alone. Ever since they returned from Li family’s banquet, he and An Yize went back to sleeping together. This was because mother An had found out that they were sleeping separately. Mother An didn’t doubt his explanation that they were sleeping separately temporarily due to a small fight, but mother An got someone to remove the sofa in the study room. Therefore, the two of them had no choice but to share the same bed again.

If it was in the past, sleeping together was just as simple as sleeping together. If anything special happened, it would be him waking up in An Yize’s embrace each morning. But now…

Su Jian couldn’t help but gulp down his saliva when he saw a droplet of water drip down from An Yize’s chest to his abs before dropping into the towel.

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