Living a Life : Epilogue

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Salvatore was sitting in the patio with Noah in his arms. Valentino sat with his hand on his forehead in front of him. Jack and Caroline were playing with Saavan and Rayan. Aryan smirked as he took a tea to Aunt Muret who had Sagar in her lap and was throwing dirty looks at Valentino.

Salvatore snorted but looked at Aryan who nodded and went to Muret and said "Aunt Muret, I am sure Uncle would never have gone after the woman," said Aryan.

Muret scowled. "God knows my child, this man hid it from me for the past 15 years," said Muret

Salvatore decided to get involved.

"I think he should apologise," said Salvatore quickly cutting off Valentino's aggressive reply.

"Muret you were pregnant with June then. I didn't want to stress you and then we lost her and you went into a depression. Forgive me if I forgot some random twit who proposed to me. Okay, see I am not trying to make you feel bad but after some time it genuinely skipped my mind," said Valentino.

Valentino and Muret had been out when one of their old friends told Muret what an awful woman she was for eyeing her husband and apologising and saying that Muret had a very loyal and faithful husband which led to them sitting in the opposite end of the patio glaring at each other.


"I hope you don't have such stories Mr," said Aryan as he leaned onto Salvatore's side as they watched their kids.

"No, There are none, That goes for you too," said Salvatore placing his arms around Aryan's hip, hugging him from behind. 

"No, none. You know everything," snorted Aryan

They looked at each other.


Aryan laid down Noah who was the last to sleep and got to their room where Salvatore was going through some documents. He was signing them.

"Done with the deals?" aasked Aryan as he climbed on the bed and cuddled on Salvatore's side resting his head on the man's shoulder and read through them. 

Salvatore hummed and turned and dropped a kiss on Aryan's forehead before he resumed his reading. Aryan suggested changes in the file. It was one hour later that they were done with it and Salvatore kept them away.

"So that was the last of the shady stuff?" teased Aryan.

Salvatore smiled.  "You have the biggest shady stuff here," said Salvatore.

Aryan laughed as he hugged Salvatore.

"I think I will keep this with me," said Aryan.


There was a comfortable silence as they laid there. Salvatore needed to tell Aryan something but he did not know how Aryan will take it. So he hesitated till now. He sighed. This was his Aryan. He was not going to judge him.

"I was thinking we could go somewhere tomorrow. I- Just us for now," said Salvatore.

"Okay, I will tell Caroline we have somewhere to be," said Aryan.

Salvatore nodded.

"Is there any point in asking you where we are going?" asked Aryan.

Salvatore snorted.

"No," he said.

"Thought so," smiled Aryan and ran his hand through the man's hair.

Salvatore smiled. 


Next morning, they were ready to be on their way. Salvatore drove the car. After an hour of driving, they reached a church. Aryan looked at Salvatore. They walked in and Salvatore took a left turn. They reached the graveyard of the church. In there, Salvatore took Aryan's hand and they walked to the graves in the left side. There Aryan saw what Salvatore was leading him to.

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