Chapter 13: Hard to do

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'But I need you, Far more than I ever want you, It's such an unnatural thing we do, When falling in love is just so hard to do, Hard to do'

The sound of wind chimes suddenly rang through the silent prison cell. Lilianna quickly pulled herself away from the criminal and looked at the silver watch that adorned her thin wrist. The daily session had come to an end. She slipped her phone from her jacket pocket and cut the alarm she had set for each meeting.

"Done so soon?" Terrence sighed, leaning back in his chair and crossing his arms over his broad chest.

"It's been two hours."

"Time seems to speed up when you come around." He chuckled, looking away from her beautiful face. "Almost like the world doesn't want me to spend time with you."

"Sorry, what did you say?" She asked, slinging her bag over her shoulder and folding the large parka over her arms.

"Nothing, just that I wish we could have a longer session." He lied through his teeth, finishing his words with a lopsided grin to keep up his act.

"Unfortunately, the government doesn't pay me enough for the two-hour sessions to start with so the likelihood of anything longer than this is zero." She shrugged. "Now, can you be ever so kind and give me back my security pass?"

She held her hand out to him gingerly, fearing that if she moved any faster he would pounce like a hungry lion. A predator to its feeble little prey.

"Yes, you may have it back." He nodded, pulling it from the back of his sweatpants waistband. "On one small, tiny, itty bitty condition."

"And that condition would be?"

"You have to pay the price."

"And what is the price?"

"Easy," Terrence smirked, standing up and stepping in front of her, close enough that his breath fanned her cheekbones and ruffled the few stray baby hairs that hung across her forehead. "A little token of affection right here."

He tapped his lips at the end of his request, biting back a laugh as he watched her nose wrinkled with disgust. "You want me to kiss you?"



"Then you are not getting your pass back."

"That's not professional for me to do."

"Do I look like I care?"

"You should since not following my patient relations code of conduct will get me fired."

"Will it though? Will it really? I mean, you're my therapist and if they get rid of you then they're going to pay a very nasty price in return." He smirked, tucking a piece of her wavy blonde hair behind her ear. She initially coward away from his touch, but relaxed slightly when his fingertips brushed across her jaw as they left her skin.

"I'm not going to kiss you Mr. Vendetta." She shook her head, walking towards the door.

"It's Terrence." He snapped, hating the way his criminal title rolled off her tongue. He wanted her to call him by his name, see him for someone besides the man he had been imprisoned as.

"Doesn't change the fact that I'm not going to kiss you, Terrence." She responded back. "If you won't give me the pass then I'll just have Dolmen open it from the other side."

"He won't do it."

"And why would he not open it for me?"

"Because then you wouldn't have a pass to get out and in anymore."

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