Chapter one.

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Daniels POV:
Thump thump
I look up from my computer. My assistant is walking in with my black coffee that I ordered her to make five minutes ago. She walks over to me and sits on my lap. I grab the coffee and push her off. "Slut," I mumble as I take a sip of my coffee. She gets up quickly and regains posture. "dont you want to have fun today," she ask pouting. "Get out," I say not taking my eyes off the computer. "But why baby you know you want me," she states trying to act seductively by unbuttoning her shirt. I've had enough of her shit. I pull out my gun and shoot her I put it away and tell Micheal to clean up the body. I didn't care that she was dead after all she was just a one night stand. And she knew not to push my buttons, mostly since a lot of people know what I am capable of mostly because I am the richest, and most feared Mafia leader In the world. I walk out of my office and into my room. It consist of dark grey walls and white bedding. I grab myself a cup of whiskey and sit down on the right side of my bed. I admire the picture of Lilly that I have on my bed side table. It was of us in preschool. I pick it up. It was hard for me to get over her suicide. I ran away before the surgeon could finish her sentence cause I already knew what she was going to say. I take a sip of my whiskey. I broke off contact with the Burdens and took over my the place of my dad in the Mafia. He had been training me ever since middle school, and that's why I lost contact with Lilly. But I didn't know she would die. I never got the invitation to her funeral. I wouldn't have gone it would just have been to hard to see her there lying in a casket...lifeless. I never got to read her suicide letter. I don't ever want to. I decided I needed to forget her, so I became a hump and dump guy. It didn't help because she is unforgettable. I've tried to find a girl also, but Ik my heart belongs to Lilly. Crazy right the most feared mafias heart belongs to a dead girl. I drink the rest of my whiskey and walk back into my office when i see the maid dusting the books. I've never seen her before, she's probably new. I have to admit she is drop dead gorgeous, but doesn't compare to Lilly's beautifulness. "Cot damn it you have to forget Lilly," I whisper to myself. The maid looks up at me, her eyes met mine. They are like looking into the depths of the ocean. "I will leave now," she says then tries to walk out I block her way. "What's your name," I ask her. "Miranda Brooke, sir," she looks at the ground. I lift her chin up. "I must get going, I have to clean the rest of the house," she mumbles. "No," I say. "Excuse me," Miranda says putting her hand on her hip. "Sassy, mmm I like that," I said I really only liked that was because Lilly was always sassy towards people and that was one of the many things that I loved about her. "Just let me do my job," she pleads removing her hand from her hip. "You know what I am capable of right Miranda," I ask sternly. She nods. "You know I could have just killed you, but I didn't because I like your attitude," I walk over to my desk, as she stands there frightened. Weak. "You May leave ms. Brook," I tell her, but it comes out of a order. She nods and walks out. Weak I repeat in my head.

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