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"as soon as we get home, we are going on the dark web. a dark web marathon! we'll be on it for days! at least a week. i don't care what you say, you little pussy!"

"i am not a pussy! i'm just afraid if we get kidnapped or something..."

"we won't get kidnapped," taehyung scoffed, "we'll be fine. it's not like somebody is going to find our location, hack into our computer, and kidnap us both!" the boy said, swinging his feet beneath the bench. "plus, it's spring break... i'm bored, jiminie! i want to do something."

"so... are you trained for this? like, trained trained? you know what to do when a hack pops up, if our location is located, or if somebody is trying to sell us crystal meth?" jimin spoke, worried about this whole 'let's go onto the dark web and send ourselves to the devil!' sort of thing.

"yeah. i sacrificed my math second semester final for this, dude. i studied about the dark web and all its mysteries, not some alphabet letters in a math equation. thought it was numbers."

"come, let's go," jimin responded, ignoring taehyung choosing to study something else rather than for his final— his irresponsible, idiotic, yet amazing best friend.

walking down the sidewalk, having a wall of silence between the either of them, the two thought very different things, the older being paranoid about being kidnapped, and the younger being ecstatic about being kidnapped by some hot guy.

soon enough, they had got to taehyung's house. the boy's parents were off on some vacation holiday trip. the trip's been going on for three years, apparently. so, taehyung is practically all for living alone at this point.

"get the blankets, ice cream, headphones... i'll lock the doors and windows!"

taehyung began to sprint to every door in the small house, making sure it was locked, getting all the chairs in the house (which he has one too many), barricading each door with at least two chairs.

he didn't forget the windows— he had added several layers of duct tape onto them (as if it was going to do anything), locked them all, along with the red curtains down. somebody could totally break through the window. just don't think of that.

meanwhile jimin was being the most extra person you'd come across.

he was grabbing every single ice cream bucket, 20 mothertrucking water bottles (10 for both of them), all the blankets in the house, alongside some of his most comfiest ones, their favorite stuffed animals, both of their headsets, their phones, which had 911 on speed dial, just in case, and a bunch of instant ramen noodles.

"dude. you're more extra than seokjin hyung..."

they began to make the fort, putting the edges of the blankets underneath heavy pillows to hold the blankets up, getting chairs to surround the fort, having the computer, their little fridge, and a microwave inside of it.

"it's six pm, hyung. we'll wait six more hours... i heard once it hits twelve in the morning, the site gets even worse."

taehyung began to install the necessary things on his computer in order to get onto the web in the first place. installing some ultra-secret-amazing-web searcher (TOR, specifically), he began to look for the online notepad he needed, just to drop some things down if he really needed to. for educational purposes.

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