Training day

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I woke up to the sound of someone opening the store entrance. I instinctively shot up and swung my hands toads the stranger, the isles moved and flew towards the entrance way. Dust flew through the air,once it cleared up I let out a sigh of relief to see no one there. A man in his early 20's walked through the isle,like right through the wall.

"Your one of us" Jalen said walking up behind me. "yes" The man said crossing his arms. "So what are your powers"I said as we walked down the almost empty street. "I can walk through solid object and I'm super strong" the man said with a cocky look on his face. We walked into the woods looking for some sort of clearing to practice in without anyone seeing us. "I know where a clearing, just past this hill" the man said. We walked up the hill and seen a breath taking view. There was a field full of flowers and a small mountain like water fall at the other end of the clearing. As we walked down the hill to get to the clearing I took a side glance at the man to examine him without making it obvious. The man didnt have wierd color eyes like me and Jalen ,he looked to old and muscular for the government to kidnap him like they did us.

"So Jalen, Ricky do you know where the others are" the man asked. I was about to reply when the fact that we never told him our name hit me. "We never told you our name" Jalen said obvious thinking the same thing I was. The man's face flushed to a dull white. "Now, gettum" the man shouted into the air. Five men jumped from the trees above landing in the clearing.

"We're taking you with us" one of the men said as they started to circle around us. One of the men had some kind of tranquilizer gun. I swung my right hand out and the men flew in different directions. "Run" I said to Jalen as the men started to get back up.

After awhile I heard gun shots coming from behind us. Jalen turned around and raised his hands making a water shield. "Take my hand" I said stepping in front of him and grabbing his hands. I used my power to lift us up above the trees. "I cant hold us much longer" said closing my eyes trying hard not to let us fall. "Just move us about a mile that way" Jalen said pointing to a different town not to far away. I started moving us towards the town but two minutes later.We fell into a lake making a sharp pain run through my back, then everything went black.

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