Nineteen; Red For Stop

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I ran my hands up her sides and let my hands rest on her throat. They looked so good there.

"Princess, say red if you want me to stop." I started letting my acts get ahead of my mind as I grabbed the bag from by the bed. I had brought a change of clothes for me in case I needed it, and that outfit so happened to include a belt. I tightened the belt around her hands and the bed post.

"Is that okay, love? Are you comfortable?" She nodded.

"No, babygirl, I need you to say it for me." I brushed her hair back with my fingers.

"M-Mommy, keep going." I kissed her lips roughly as I unclipped her bra. Such a sexy little girl. I let my right hand massage the inside of her thigh while my left hand played with her nipple. I began sucking lightly on her low stomach. I licked over to her pussy and nipped lightly at her clit hearing her cries.

"Say red if you want me to stop, princess. I always will." I kissed the previously bitten skin and began licking again. I let my tongue dip into her dripping hole, then began licking back up her stomach. My tongue trailed all the way up, between her breasts, up her throat, and ended on her own tongue. I kissed her passionately and let my hand make it's way to her pussy. Two fingers slipped into her pussy and her mouth opened on mine, making the sexiest sounds that I had heard.

"You are such a beautiful baby." She squirmed and moaned as I sped up the pace of my fingers. They opened and closed, stretching her gently. I pulled them in and out as the cries, moans, and whimpers left her beautiful lips, and mine locked around her perky nipple. Nipping my teeth on her breast and bending my fingers inside her, she tightened, telling me that she was close to her release. I removed my hand and mouth from her, stepping back. Her mouth opened in shock as I took in her messy hair, sweaty red face, and swollen spots on her perfect body.

"M-mommy b-but-" She begged, causing me to smirk. A few soft tears rolled down her face.

"Now, baby won't touch herself again, will she?"

"I-I won't. I p-promise. Please." And cried harder, begging to be pleased.

"Will my baby ask Mommy to pleasure her?" She panted, nodding.

"No, no. Tell me, princess."

"I-I'll ask Mommy." She cried, pulling on the belt and squirming.

"Ask Mommy what?"

"T-to make me f-feel good." I smiled, pleased with her answer, and stepped back to her shaking form. I bent her knees up, holding her legs up and open. I attached my mouth to her private area, letting my head move up and down so my teeth rubbed on her sensitive, swollen nub and my tongue wiggled in her pulsing entrance. She finished quickly and I licked her clean. I freed her hands and gently rubbed her bruising wrists.

"Such a good little princess. You feel good?" She nodded, tiredly, and reached for me.

"Mommy, hold me." I smiled and lifted my princess.

There is nothing that I would rather do.

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