Chapter 34

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I know I should feel nervous or anxious about today but I wake up next to Argent and all i feel is elated. Calm even. I know there is storm approaching in the form of some ancient battle, but for now, I just revel a little in the bliss of last night.

I try not to move, staying like we are, his arm thrown over my waist, pulling me close, his head tucked into the back of my neck. Both of us are a tangled sweaty mess but I don't care at all.

Last night was the best of my life.

And then I remember something...

We marked each other. It was.... amazing. Mind blowing. Almost better than everything else. Almost.

I slip out from under his arm as smoothly as I can and he just mumbles incoherently and rolls over.
I grab his shirt and throw it over my head, covering my nakedness though he has seen literally every part of it and then some last night. I sneak into the bathroom and switch on the light after closing the door.

My eyes search my body and look in the mirror for the place where he bit my neck.

There, right in the middle of the left side of my neck, between my ear and my shoulder, is a small pink mark. Argent has said that by the end of today it will be white and barely visible but I can feel it tingle as I run my fingers over it, as strongly as I could last night.

The sensation of it causes memories from last night to rush back into my mind. The closeness. The passion. The bite. I turn the shower on, hoping the steam will calm my thoughts and let me take this all in.

After we were together last night we lay there in the dark, still tangled, relaxed. His face was buried in my neck and his breath was warm and laboured.

"I love you Aida. I hope this doesn't freak you out but I really want to mark you. To make you mine, so that everyone can see you are mine. And I want you to do the same to me."

His voice had been raspy and smooth with just a hint of trepidation. It was the same voice I had heard in the music room that day. It seems like a million years ago now but it's merely weeks.

That beautiful captivating voice that sends shivers down my spine, in only the best of ways. That calm beautiful sound that speaks to my very soul. My god his voice sends me insane, no pun intended.

I wanted all that he was. I wanted him. And I wanted him to bite me, in that moment, it hadn't seemed weird or scary at all like i thought it would, it was beautiful and sweet and romantic. If that's even possible when someone is sinking their teeth into your flesh.

It hurt for a mere moment and then the intensity of the feelings it caused took over me completely. I could feel my wolf fighting to get through and before I knew it, I was straddling him, tracing my tongue on the very same place on his neck. I lifted my head to look at his face, searching his eyes for permission only for him to let out a moan so intense that I didn't wait for him to say the words.

I plunged my mouth into his neck and with one quick lap of my tongue as a marker, I opened my mouth and bit into his skin. It was softer and easier than I expected. It burst open to me, giving way to the warm sweet taste of his life sense and setting me on fire from within.

His reaction was mirroring mine and as soon as I lapped his wound twice to start the healing process his flipped me over so that he was straddling me and kissed me with everything that he had.

His eyes found mine in the dark and I heard his voice in my head.

Mine. Ours.

"Always." I let a breath out and whispered my answer to him.

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