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'Im all alone, theres no one here beside me

My problems have all gone, theres no one to deride me

But you gotta have friends'

I was cut of when a guard yelled "STOP SINGING"

I chuckled "do you know that that is exactly what Shriek told Donkey?" i asked

"When will your boss get here, he kept me here for two months not showing up, my heat will be here soon and let me tell you, you do not want to be here when that happens" i continued saying clearly enjoying the frustrated look on the guard.

Let me explain, you see, after i let them take me, i have been tortured beyond control. I didn't plan on staying this long but i cant leave without getting answers.

I miss my family a lot, and once i get the answer i need, i will poof out of this place.

Suddenly the door opened and guess who stepped in? Someone i never thought i would see.

"Rogue Alpha, nice to see you finally remembered your prisoner. Now tell me why i am here to i can leave" i said.

"Leave, you cant leave, i have this place charmed and spelled by the strongest witches" he said and i resisted the urge to roll my eyes. No witch can keep me here, not with how strong my powers have gotten but i was still weak because just like how superman gets his powers from the yellow sun, i get mine from the full moon.

Phoenix is cranky and wants to go on a rampage, i haven't have blood in 2 months. And i can only drink from an animal or from Grayson.

"Really?" i asked.

"Yes really. You see, when the blue moon is out, you will be forced to mate with my son and when you do, he will mark you and then i will have the power i want because as my son as king, i will rule the way i want to and get rid of those filthy blood suckers"

As soon as he said that, i had to force Phoenix from not taking control. I am sure he doesn't know that i am half Vampire.

"So that is your plan?" i asked

"Yes that is it, so darling you will be here till the blue moon which is only 4 months away. Now let me get my son, i think its time for you to meet your future mate" he said with a sadistic smile.

Not long after he left, a mildly good looking guy came in and guess who was with him?

"Prisci!! You still alive, i thought rogues would have killed you" i said enthusiastically.

Suddenly she slapped me "wow, this is the bitch, i wonder what Grayson would do once you die" she said

The guy who i assume is the rogue alpha son put his arms around her waist pulled her close and kissed her.

"Yes babe, once we kill her, we will invade the kingdom and take over, you will be my queen" he said kissing her cheeks lovingly leaving me confused.

"Woah woah woah, you think your dad wants me killed?" i asked

"Yes, why would he take you, you are the heir to the throne, if we kill you, we will have the power to take over" The guy said

"So that means you both are mates?" i asked and they nodded. Suddenly i started laughing.

"Why are you laughing?" Prisci asked

"Oh this is priceless. Does your dad knows you are mates?" i asked and the both shook their heads. Suddenly i pitied them.

"So you don't know that your dads plan is for your witches to create a bond between us so we could be mates?" i asked and they shook their heads panicked.

"How did you know?" Prisci asked looking like she wanted to faint.

"He came here and he told me, and i also read his mind" i said shrugging.

"But he has a spell over his mind so no one would be able to tap in" The son said.

I smiled at him "No spell is too strong for me, well apart from Lucy, that woman is crazy" i said.

"No, babe, there is no way i am losing you" Prisci suddenly said with tears in her eyes.

"Babe, i will not go through with this plan, i am not giving you up just for power" Her mate said.

I looked at her "How does it feel knowing you will lose your mate?" i asked with a blank face.

She looked confused but when she realised what i was talking about, she looked down.

"It feels horrible, i wont be able to survive if i lost him" she whispered.

Giving her a small smile i said "That is exactly how i felt"

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